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02-02-09, 07:49 PM
My favorite addition to WO2. I guess I must have a soft-spot for monkey characters or something.

The guy was likely abused by 95% of players of the game due to his cloud surfing. I guess that could be one way to get players to try and favorite a character, hey. I thought his voice was great, had many amusing quotes, and he fights with style and speed.

04-02-09, 09:34 PM
Monkey King is The Best. but he in evil side._.

04-02-09, 09:52 PM
Monkey King is The Best. but he in evil side._. Why do you think he is the best? :)

Sun Wukong was a great add in the game, his moveset is great for crowd clearing, he can climb ledges (Orochi-7) and the Nimbus cloud was a great idea as an alternative for mounts, his R1 is very nice too and Speed type suits him well. In fact I don't think he has any flaws at all.

Qing Long
04-02-09, 11:37 PM
LOL Yeah, 孙悟空 Sun Wukong is a so super character in WO2 ^_^
He's 100% Speed when he's LVL1 & it's so funny to play with :p
I love his character design, that seems to suit the character from 西游记 Xiyouji, Journey To the West as his weapon. His moveset are very good in game too ^^

10-02-09, 01:26 AM
Sun Wukong is the most convenient addition to the Warriors Orochi series, almost to the point where it becomes kinda rigged... Due to his constant red hare-like movement, combined that with the ability to change characters, equipping horses/skills becomes totally unnecessary. I use him when I'm going for those "time-based" ingredients or I just want a fast game without having to equip myself with a horse.

10-02-09, 03:12 AM
Hideyoshi got a friend! :D Other than that he is rather strong in his fighting style with the speed and range to boot. Cloud running and C4 dealt with most enemies even before Red Hare can get there with Impluse 20. That is a crazy thought.

I will also say a villian who isnt full of himself (mostly) is a nice change from possibly everyone but Kiyomori.

10-02-09, 11:46 AM
I just love the way he mounts a horse and rides. You could easily tell it wasn't natural to him. It gave me quite a laugh when seeing the first MO2 video of him on the web.

10-02-09, 12:15 PM
His normal horseback attack is pretty impressive even without Almighty is very powerful and good for crowd clearing.
Does he have any flaw at all? :p

10-02-09, 12:43 PM
I can think of 1. "Thats another notch for Mr Whacky" "Thats another notch for Mr Whacky" "Thats another notch for Mr Whacky" "Thats another notch for Mr Whacky". x every warriors orochi 2 stage at least. :eek:

10-02-09, 01:06 PM
Yeah, but that's annoying with most characters. I guess he 'could' of been a technique and power type as well. :p So that's his flaw, otherwise I can't think except of his useless but fun giant monkey attack and the fact he would've done better not ever being knocked off-guard. :D

Seriously, I believe the most complaints come from him just being him, quite annoying as a foe since he's hard to target and clones himself.

08-04-09, 11:57 AM
Sun Wukong is a fun character to use especially on the horse. I do enjoy spamming his R1 attacks just for laughter too! I think he was a great addition to the series!

19-04-09, 10:03 PM
I love the nimbus cloud he rides on, takes me back to the old days of DBZ

02-09-09, 11:45 PM
sun wukong is my fav WO2 character. Once i unlocked him i used him nonstop. I love his moveset and defeating opponents on horseback. I wish they could add him in more games.


09-09-09, 06:35 AM
he really adds comedy to Wo2, of course i dont like him because my nickname for him is Goku (yes i know Goku is not original either)

But Dong Zhuo is made fun of MUCH more than Sun Wukong and we all still hate him haha

23-10-09, 10:10 AM
I Dont Like This Sun Wu Kong.Evil? His Costume Looks Ugly.

08-08-10, 10:51 AM
Sun Wukong is my favourite character in WO2, probably mostly because the Japanese 70s tv show Monkey! is one of my favourite programmes ever. His moveset's awesome too, the only thing I don't like is his voice because it sounds nothing like Monkey's voice.

Koei should do a Journey to the West game!