View Full Version : Bring ROTK X to PSN!

18-02-12, 09:27 AM
Now PS2 games have been released on the playstation network from different makers i think koei should step in and get involved, bring some of the games europe didnt get to us! ROTK X is considered by many to be the best one and i dont think i'll be the only one who would kill to play it (im not kiddin lock ur doors). Koei have a great range of games they can bring from the ps2 aswell getting new fans involved with the different series'. I'd like to see nobunagas ambition get a release onto the psn aswell. I think koei owes it to the fans to give us some things that we want. All who agree raise a drink and lets hope for the best!

26-02-12, 02:42 PM
hmm ask koei on twitter or facebook .... for a more er direct answer on that

06-03-13, 02:06 AM
Lol I have only Nobunaga's Ambition Rise to Power - we need more !!