Insp. Chin
06-03-12, 08:43 AM
Famed developer Team NINJA unveils today that Akira Yuki, mascot of the Virtua Fighter series, will be a playable fighter in the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 game which is headed to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in September 2012. The addition of Akira Yuki to Dead or Alive 5 marks the first time ever that the beloved Dead or Alive franchise has opened its rosters to characters from other fighting games. To accompany this exciting announcement, Team NINJA has released a new video vignette showcasing an all new stage in the game and the renowned Akira Yuki in action with Dead or Alive characters.

"Gamers will have an opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable battle with an esteemed competitor in Akira Yuki set in the Dead or Alive environment," said Yosuke Hayashi, studio head of Team NINJA. "This year will prove to be an amazing one for our loyal fighting fans as we are delivering a fantastic fighting game that can only been experienced in Dead or Alive 5."

Driven by perfection and the desire to relentlessly master his techniques by taking on any challenger, Akira is a welcomed addition to the cast of dynamic characters only available in Dead or Alive 5. Utilizing a Chinese martial art known as Bājqun, Akira has become a serious, well-disciplined fighter despite his past as an impulsive hotheaded youngster. Seasoned Dead or Alive series fighters, Ayane and Kasumi join Akira in this video vignette to compete in the all new jungle stage.

Inside a cave in the heart of the jungle, a beaten wooden raft full of scars threatens to pull fighters into the strong current the longer the battle extends. As players bash challengers into the raft supports, it begins to fall apart and the fight escalates to a new level. Even as the raft falls to pieces from the brutal blows and reaches the white-waters at the end of the cave, the battle must continue. Players will be able to similarly train their characters as master fighters have done so in the past on this unique battleground.

Team NINJA and Tecmo Koei, will continue to share more exciting development details on Dead or Alive 5 in the coming months.

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15-03-12, 09:47 AM
I think this is great the only fighting games i'm interested that are coming out are VF5 showdown and DOA5 so this is like the best thing i could hear.