View Full Version : From a longtime Series Fan of NG:

21-03-12, 11:38 AM
"**** YOU TEAM NINJA!!!1"

I really hope you all loose your Jobs for what you have done to this great Franchise.:mad:

21-03-12, 08:11 PM
... "good for you dood". explain your point first has ryu become too manly for you? i know hes popular with the ladys but .... thats going a little too far.

22-03-12, 10:21 AM
I think this game can be salvaged. I don't hate this game (actually I do quite like it) but I was very underwhelmed, the huge contributors were the kunai climb (quite a few consecutive deaths made me jittery hence I died more... WEEEE!), and the "automatic" feeling of the combat itself since it seems I'm spending more time watching Ryu do finishers and SoB moves. I'm really REALLY missing the guillotine throw too.

Those slow-walking scenes that plagued Metroid: Other M are very pace-breaking, especially on multiple playthroughs.

More on the QTEs, here's an example of things going horribly wrong -
after Ryu starts running from that "Rex" boss (why is he running from it again?), I was killed countless times from what seemed like a glitch, a cutscene should trigger when his sprint finishes and instead the game literally leaves me there to be helplessly devoured. :mad:
I think I heard "her" belch around the 12th time too, so at least she didn't die hungry. :D
To cap it all off, there's no way to pause the game during that scene so I could have turned on the QTE prompts to hopefully find out just what was going on.

So I didn't come here to rage hate on this game cause as I said, I do like it. I just think some of the additions/omissions/tweaks were too unnecessary and I miss my guillotine throw. :(

The cutscenes with Momiji brought back the... interesting... "interactivity" that NGS2 was so loved for so that was pretty amusing.

24-03-12, 05:14 PM
I hope so, Ironclad, at least i hope they manage to bring Itagaki back, but now he is working on a much better place and his new game "Devil's Third" looks great, everybody gets what deserves.