View Full Version : When will it come back?

12-06-14, 06:15 PM
I got Monster Rancher when it first came out. i played it so much i actully cried when my monsters died. Same thing with 2 i LOVED it infact i JUST finished a play through a few weeks ago. I still play 3 every so often(altho its by far my least fave). I played 4 and evo a bit but it felt like you took away from what MR 1 and 2 had i just didnt connect with my monster as much. When are you going to make a 5(or 6 if evo is 5) its been a long time and im not a hand held gamer. i want to see a new ps3/4 xbox360/one game. Redo MR2 add the monsters from 3/4/evo heck even add the monsters from the online games. With hard drives the ammount of monsters is limitless. Please i BEG. I loved this game as a kid and every year that goes by with out anykind of announcment of this game makes me sad for the future. Best game i ever played hands down. only game that made me cry.

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