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18-06-14, 08:29 PM
Hey guys.

I always wanted to get into the Warriors series, but I never got the chance to, but I think that now I can.

I'm planning to buy a PS4 next year and this gives me chance to finally get into the Warriors series but I don't with which game should I start.

I start to watch a lot of gameplay and read a lot of forum treads about the Warrior games that are at the PS4, but I still don�t know which one I should pick.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition with ice cream looks like a really complete game with a lot of replay value with its what-if routes, Lu Bu�s campaign, new characters and the improve Ambition Mode, but its Empire Version it�s around the corner and it sounds even better. Also there�s Samurai Warriors 4 that looks so much faster and fun, also, it has some sort of Mercenary Mode where you create your own character and can travel freely through Japan, join a faction and alter the course of the history, but the game seems really lackluster compare to DW8 and I�m pretty sure there�s going to be some sort of Ultimate Edition for SW4.

So, there is my dilemma. Also, I can only and want to buy only one Warriors game (unless they show a Warriors Gundam for the PS4)


18-06-14, 11:49 PM
Well, I'm more of a Samurai Warriors fan than a Dynasty Warriors fan so I would recommend SW4 for that reason.

However, DW8:XLCE is already available, while you'd have to wait until October for SW4. DW8:XLCE is still rolling out DLC and patches that were already released in Japan awhile ago, so there's plenty of content out there now, plus more to come (hopefully)

As far as SW4 goes, so far no XL or CE edition has been announced, but that usually doesn't happen until after the original launches outside of Japan. So, you'd be waiting even longer for the XL/CE version of SW4 (if they even make one AND bother localizing it).

That being said, I personally believe that SW4 is the better of the two. They both have the same core gameplay mechanics, but each series has subtle tweaks that the other does not. For instance, SW4 introduced Godspeed (Hyper Attacks) strings that essentially add a new moveset to every character. They upgraded the standard musou attacks, gave them all unique finishers, in addition to the ultimate musou finishers from the previous SW3 game. You can also control 2 characters in the same battle and command them independently, a feature introduced in the Chronicles game for the 3DS. Also, graphically-speaking, SW4 is their latest and greatest. It should improve upon the things they learned while creating DW8:XLCE and tweaking its graphics performance.

DW8:XLCE on the other hand has a two-weapon system where each character has a primary weapon with unique moves, and can equip a secondary weapon of any type. I'll admit though, there may be quite a bit more to the DW system that I am simply not familiar with.

Finally, there's always the Warriors Orochi series which combines the DW + SW characters with unique characters and collaboration characters from other Tecmo-KOEI game series. The most recent WO game is the upcoming Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate which takes the characters from the previous generation of games (DW7:Empires and SW3:Empires) and mixes them with characters from Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive and many other games, including Sophitia from the Soul Caliber games. It has its own unique story, 3 character switch system in story/free mode gameplay, with an all new dungeon-crawler Unlimited Mode.

So yea, there's a few options and a lot of unique content for each to continue writing about. I can try to answer any questions you might have (I'll try to be more brief too in my replies :P )

20-06-14, 02:55 PM
Get Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition for the sole reason of understanding what's happening. With jumping straight into Empires you will be missing out on all these character personalities and stories that will be more appropriate for you to get into the series to make more sense of what you're playing since you're new to it. Then I think Empires will give you more of a better time afterwards compared to before.

Welcome to the forums.

22-06-14, 01:44 AM
Thanks. I think I'll get the three eventually

14-11-15, 08:25 AM
Semi-serious question: Can I make a translation from the games current American English gibberish to the more sophisticated English? For CCs of course. :