View Full Version : Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition on PC. via Steam: Problems on Windows 8.1

22-06-14, 02:24 AM
I don't usually participate on forums however, we will make an exception for this. Now I have been a proud supporter of the Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors Franchises so when I saw that a Dynasty Warriors game was coming to Steam so I could play one of my favorite games on my favorite platform I was beyond excited for this announcement. However, once I actually started hearing about what features were lacking in the game I was extremely disappointed. Issues such as poor performance, low resolution, lacking any online cooperative play - one of the major features I was hoping for - but what took the cake for me was the inability to actually play the game. Now I have a pretty nice computer and usually I can run any title at good performance as well as graphical settings.

Despite my PC's specs I have had no luck at actually getting Dynasty Warrior 8 to run at all. I've tried compatibility mode, re-installing the game, verifying files, with low settings, with play movie off/on, with full screen off/on, different resolutions, trying to run the game with a single core of my PC, restarting my PC/steam (of course), checking drivers, re-installing drivers, etc. Basically every tip/trick I could find I tried in a futile attempt to get the game working. What I had discovered is that may Windows 8.1 Users such as myself have been having a long list of problems plaguing this PC release. Now I am not actually wanting a refund or anything I like probably many others just want to play the Dynasty Warriors that we all know and love on PC. As well I bet most people were probably even thinking that the experience of Dynasty Warriors on PC would even be better than a console because "Why, would it not be?!" PC specs are often superior to any of the consoles.

I am wondering how many others are experiencing similar issues with Dynasty Warriors 8 on PC. As well I am aware that many people have been able to play without incident there still exists a number of people like myself that have quite a bad experience with this release. I would personally like to see this game get patched to a playable state for PC as well as an actually release showing off the potential of Dynasty Warriors on the PC platform.

23-06-14, 03:54 PM

Its been reported in a few other places that people are having issues with Windows 8.1 ... I'll see if I can dig up some helpful links for you. I don't know if TK Japan is working on a fix/patch or not.



There are a couple of other posts scattered in that KOEI Warriors topic ^ but that should at least get you started. Hopefully you can get it working or TK can release a patch that will fix it permanently.