08-10-18, 08:33 AM
Hey everybody I'm new on here, and I just wanted to share some information in hopes that maybe we can make a community push to add a few new weapon/movests to Samurai Warriors 4-2 as DLC that is, if it's not too late...I figure like all corporations that aim to make money, as long as the fans demand it, they'd be obliged to supply it. So here I go....

I've been a fan of the Samurai/Dynasty Warriors series since their individual inceptions but In Samurai Warriors 4-2 I noticed (even when I bought the DLC weapons) that there was a lack of unique weapons available (besides the main characters) to the Create-A-Warrior characters.

So there's a sword called a KEN/TSURUGI that I found that existed in ancient Japan. It was like a Japanese broadsword that was used with one and both hands and looked like this:2430

It was a cut-and-thrust sword used deliver accurate cuts and primarily thrusts.

If anyone's familiar with the anime Inuyasha, there's 3 different Tsurugi/Ken references made that will give you further details on it's look here are the examples:

1.) It's the sword that Sesshomaru uses named "Tokijin"
2.) Kikyo's clone used one on "Inuyasha the Movie 4: Fire on Mystic Island".
3.) Kaguya the "Celestial Shrine Maiden" on "Inuyasha the Movie 2: Castle Beyond the Looking Glass".

So guys, I'm asking for help. How do we collectively work together to get weapons/movesets added in the game as DLC??? What steps would I have to take in order to get this done? I really would like to do this guys so any help would be great.

09-10-18, 01:47 AM
I have some good ideas for weapon DLC I'd just like to get an idea on how to create the DLC or who to speak with at KOEI/TECMO games in order to add my DLC ideas. I would thank any and all help I could get in this process.

12-03-20, 08:36 AM
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