View Full Version : After playing Nioh, here is some thoughts for Nioh 2 if there is still time

28-12-19, 12:30 PM
Hey there.

Big Dark souls player, i stumble upon Nioh and gave it a try.
Overall, it's a really good gamer, well made, maps are fantastics, the combat is great (combo, ki management...), and the touch of looting on top of that really makes it stand out and not feels like a dull copy.
Very honestly, you did great.

As a newly conquered player to your franchise, here is my 3 biggest grips with Nioh :

1/ Stats, and builds.
The fact that each weapon is locked in its own stat scaling hamper build diversity. In Souls game, you could have different weapon type with a specific build. For example, with a STR build, you could use a large variety of weapons by defaut, and if you really wanted too, you'd add a strenght scaling to the weapon you want to use and now you can do it.
In Nioh it's really set in stone, and despite having two weapon slot, most people really use only one type of weapon or else they gimp themselves.

2/ Combo, martial moves.
Some makes no sense. I'll take 2 examples from the top of my head. Charging bull from Odachi : "Mid stance only. Slashes downward with the odachi. If the attack depletes an enemy's Ki (https://nioh.wiki.fextralife.com/Ki), it will knock them down." Yep, great. On paper. The move itself deal poor damage AND ki damage. the knocking down part rarely happens because it's unable to makes it happens. If you're at the point you've broken the opponent's ki with others moves, might aswell grappel him. This move have a function it is unable to do.
2nd example : the 2nd hit of the mid stance, strong attacks, from the spear. Ok listen, there. I've taken the spear because it's a long weapon and i'll abuse spacing with it. why is there a jab with the handle as a second it? The first it, 99% of the time, will hit with the tip. From now on, i'm left with two choices : either whiff the second hit (tbh, this hit have missed 70% of the time, most of them were on purpose to go into the 3rd hit) to combo into the 3rd, or just spam the first poke over and over. I don't know why, but you seemed adament to put moves wich uses the handle on longer weapons. Nah, really, i use long (and slow) weapons because of their reach. If i want to be into handle's reach, i'll use something else. I know, lore, japanese stuff, etc, but nope.

3/ Difficulty tied to stats
It's been said over and over on multiple forum, but i'll say it again. The ennemy have sometimes too much HP (oh hi tengu) and disgusting attack power. I'm a 3 piece heavy armor user, + 2 medium. most of my stat went into body. i'm still often 2-shot. Some even one shot. even light character in souls doesn't die as hard as that. I won't discuss it more than that because nioh have always been said to be cheap and artificial in its difficulty. also stun,lock are ridiculous (even more given the fact we are very fragile whatever our build is), and i-frame are kinda stingy. And i'm talking NG here, end game is even more ridiculous due to strat inflation and the scaling. This game almost promote a no-hit run.

I could say more, but those are the 3 stand out for me that should be resolved for Nioh 2 to be a perfect game that surpass the souls game if you want to commit.

Other than that it's great and i don't feel like i'm wasted my time nor my money, wich is really encouraging.

28-12-19, 12:58 PM
Oh, and i forgot.
For the love of god, support ultrawide screen, uncap fps, etc etc.
In this age and day it's a bare minimum, for nioh there is a fix for ultrawide, i'll prolly won't try the toukiden series because of that. Despte my love for monster hunting games ;)

28-12-19, 01:13 PM
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