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God-Like Phoenix
06-02-09, 10:46 PM
OK, this guy is I think my favourite character from the SW series...along with quite a few others :)

When I first played a Samurai Warriors game...it was SW2, since I never knew SW1 even existed :p but when I first saw Mitsunari as one of the starting characters, I thought it was pretty funny to see a guy with a paper fan like that :D so he was the first one I used...and then after going through his story and personality...and using his moveset for a while...I really started to like him quite a bit.

Sure, if I knew someone in real life with a personality such as his, I would hit them...and it would annoy me to no end, but when its in a game...I guess I kinda like it...at times its kinda funny ^.^

So I guess really the main reason I like him is his moveset...his personality is just a fun attachment...oh also his design is really awsome...I like the colour and style of his armour(?)

06-02-09, 10:58 PM
I like his dry sarcastic personality. His design is good as well. I can always remember enjoying using that last spin on his last square attack for some reason, too. I guess it's stylish or something. But he was one of the least useful to use in SW2 though.

Yeah, a god in Warriors Orochi and makes an excellent duo with Cao Pi. I enjoyed Wei's story the most because of mainly them two. It's a shame nothing was seen in WO2.

08-02-09, 07:58 PM
I love his chara design & personality. He looks like a lot to a fox, and yes, he's just as cunning.
He may seems really cold & distant, even to his own allies & friends, but his story (or even other characters' stories like Ginchiyo's one for exemple) prooves he's not like that ^^
I think he's my favourite male character in SW2, I was really surprised by his moveset, it can be really powerful, and his musou is deadly.
But sadly in SW2 XL, with the musou less powerful, he's not as effective anymore :( !

09-02-09, 10:13 PM
Personality wise, he is my favourite by far. Moveset seems to be lacking however with most of his moves being weak in range and power. I also cannot seem to make use of his mines either.

03-04-09, 12:41 PM
I love Mitsunari. His personality is great for the way he is. His moveset took me awhile to get a hang of but he is a fun character to use nonetheless. At least he doesn't spin like a wheel while doing his musou but then again, standing in one spot isn't any better either like the Qiaos lol.