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07-02-09, 12:26 PM
Okay, time to talk about how you started playing video games, what games you grew up with and how'd you become the gamer that you are today.

My gaming career started when I met my very first BEST FRIEND at a day care center when I was 4 years old... He had a Commodore 64 (and shitloads of games for it), a NES and Pong, and I used to go to his place on daily basis to play video games.
We played a lot of Bad Dudes VS Dragon Ninja, Gradius, Contra and plenty of other games that I can't even remember anymore... But the thing that REALLY got me into gaming was the original Mega Man series. It still remains the love of my life and I still play those games on a NES emulator... But I really, REALLY hope Capcom would release a full MM collection for the PS2, PSP or PS3... that would just make my life complete... (PSP would be really cool)

When I went to school at the age of 6, I met two more boys who I would play games with. The other one had a SEGA Megadrive and SEGA Game Gear, and the other had a SNES and a PC. (I was still playing C64 and NES with the first dude too). So now I started to play a lot of Megadrive and SNES games (and a bit of PC games too). And when I turned 7 my parents got me my first console, SEGA Megadrive... the very same one that is still sits in my TV cabinet, above my PS2, still working, still connected to my TV.

The next phase in my gaming career is when all my friends get a PlayStation and I don't... Both the C64/NES boy and the Megadrive boy got a PS from their parents (the SNES boy got a N64 a bit later). But my mom was very strict, NO MORE VIDEO GAME CONSOLES! And I was obviously very, VERY sad...
Thankfully my dad didn't wanna see his baby girl so heartbroken and he got us a PC - cause every household needs a PC! ... AND PC GAMES FOR THE KIDDO! And I also got my cousin's Amiga (plus shitloads of games) when he moved to the States. So now I'm meeting friends, playing their PlayStations and Nintendo64s and at home I'm playing on the PC and Amiga! Fun times!
I play a lot of Tekken, Resident Evil, Mega Man X, Crash Bandicoot, Mortal Kombat, Capcom fighters, Ace Combat, Final Fantasy, Super Mario 64, Banjo & Kazooie, Shadows of the Empire and whatever. And somewhere around these times the C64/NES boy gets me interested in emulators and ROMs, so I start to play a lot of SNES and NES games on the PC.
Later he sells his PS and gets an Atari Jaguar instead... I thought it was a bad move since the beginnig, but he didn't listen to me. So I ended up playing a lot of Doom and Raiden on that...

Then, I cut all ties to these friends.
I get a PS2 for my 14th birthday and I meet a couple more gamer boys. We play mainly on the PS2, but also on Game Cube and Sega Dreamcast. I get myself a GameBoy Color and some games on it, but sooner or later I end up selling it.
Then I meet my current ex, we start dating, I ditch my friends again... 7 years pass... and here I am.
22 years old - played video games for almost 19 years on something like 16 different consoles - I own exactly 91 games for Megadrive, PS, PS2, PSP and PS3 and most of them I've beat at least 5 times. Some games like Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3, Silent Hill 2 & 3 I've beat more than 20 times... And I still love Mega Man.

07-02-09, 01:11 PM
For me, Starts with RC Grand Prix on the Sega Master System, IIRC. Do not remember too much on why.

After that I acquire various game systems (mainly thanks to Mum) and play games like Bubsy, Alex the Kid, Mortal Kombat on systems like Sega Megadrive, SNES.

The main reason I started games was games like Final Fantasy 7, Front Mission 3 and Vandal Hearts 2 (mainly rpgs) on Playstation. They are games of long playing time and I am not a people person at this point. They are not half bad either, probably helps.

After that it is time for the Playstation 2. In terms games it allowed me plenty of time consuming games like Dynasty Warriors 2. Time passes and games like Atelier Iris, Shadow Hearts and Final Fantasy X come out which is great for a RPG player :).

I also get a Gamecube which has 2 excellent games Baten Kaitos and Tales of Symphonia which takes some time to finish and thankfully I do not regret the time spent. I did have a Xbox but I could only find Sudeki for it.

I have plently of RPGs for the GBA but I will leave it at Golden Sun and Fire Emblem. Why? Still playing them after this long.

Currently I have all current generation consoles (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 etc) besides PC but there has not been a game that has attracted my attention on these systems. Luckily SMT games keep coming eh?

Side note : This will be the longest post I have done in a long time. Could you tell?:rolleyes:

07-02-09, 04:23 PM
I'm going to try to make this as short as possible for me but i'm not very good at making short texts, so it'll probably end up really long anyways. :D

Well for me it all began when i was little and went with my family to my relatives who had a SNES and i used to play games like Super Mario All Stars and such there and i kept telling my parents that i wanted one too, but i never got one from them. But then one Christmas my grandparents gave me and my sisters a SNES with Donkey Kong Country and that was pretty much the only game we had for a while. After a while we got a few more games but the only one i remember being Super Probotector.

A while after that i got a Gameboy too but i didn't really have any spectacular games until i got Pokemon Blue and Red.

Some years later when N64 and Playstation had come i wanted to get one but it took a few years until i got them to agree that if i didn't eat any candy for a year i would get a playstation for my birthday, which i somehow managed to do and so i got a playstation with Crash Bandicoot 2. Then i borrowed some games from my relatives like Final Fantasy VIII which was when i started to get interested in RPG games.

Then i got a GameBoy Color which i started replaying my old pokemon games on, but eventually i got tired of them and sold them and the Gameboy Color.

I don't remember when though, but my dad built a good PC and bought Unreal Tournament for me as i had loved playing that at my friends place but later i quit playing it, and more or less i dropped playing PC games completely. But since we got internet i started to read about games and such.

After that my sister and i got a Playstation 2 with Kingdom Hearts at christmas a few years after it had come out but back then i didn't know what games were good so it took one year until i finally got another game which was Transformers.

Later on that year my mother asked me if i wanted an GameCube for my birthday since someone at her job wanted to sell his since he was gonna get a playstation 2 instead, but apparently that GameCube broke before my parents bought it so they bought me a brand new one instead of that together with Metroid Prime. And i kept playing that for a long time even though i bought new games for it and the PS2.

About the same time i got the GameCube i got interested in Anime and Manga which got me to buy a lot of anime games, which a lot of was fighting games of course and that got me to play a lot of fighting games later on. I also started to notice games with anime like covers and such and bought them, which mostly were japanese RPG games. And after a while i bought Tales of Symphonia which i really loved, and still do and that was when i got my first real favorite game. And about 2 years later or so i got an Xbox for my birthday, but i mostly only played Ninja Gaiden on it and a little Halo.

Then some years passed with me buying more RPG games and such, and i also bought a DS when it came out but i mostly just bought GBA games for it and played them. Later i sold that DS though since i just never bought any new games for it. And then lots of games started to pop up for it and then came the DS Lite which i got.

Then i met my friends and we started to play multi player games like FFCC together so i had to borrow my sisters GBA to be able to play it, but later i bought a used one so i didn't have to use her GBA. And meeting them got me to buy a lot of multi player games. I also worked at some boat service thing during the summers so i got money to buy a PSP for the RPG games on it.

And then some year ago came the Wii and i hyped that, but when i got it i was really dissapointed in it and my friends and i even stopped playing the GameCube. But then i heard news about a Tales of Symphonia 2 so i kept the Wii, but it still hasn't been released in europe. :( So the christmas 2007 i got a 360 because the game Eternal Sonata had came out which i bought even before i hade a 360 since i just loved it's design and all. And since then i've still been buying RPGs for PS2 and some games for 360 and I've been playing them. And that's more or less it for the console gaming for me up till now, except for that i'm trying to save up for a PS3 (which is kinda impossible for me).

Last halloween my friends tricked me into start playing WoW and well now i'm more or less stuck in it. So now days I'm mostly playing WoW and some other new game i buy, but since I'm nearing level 80 in WoW (i'm currently at level 73) i'm probably gonna start to play it less, and i'm probably going to be playing a lot more RPG games since games like Persona 4 & Mana Khemia is coming soon.

07-02-09, 05:08 PM
Well I started with the Sega Megadrive and the GameGear. I played the likes of Aladdin, I can remember playing it on my first TV, and Sonic. After that all I can remember is enjoying and buying the Tomb Raider games and the odd other games like Gran Turismo, Crash Bandicoot and Croc. Though my childhood heart went to Final Fantasy 7 and the other two, 8 and 9. Final Fantasy was the series I adored the most when young.
And not only was I a PS fan, but I've also had Nintendo's products in my sight. Great games like GoldenEye, Mario Kart and Zelda being in my all-time favorites.
My gaming ended up completely changing when DW2 came into my area of view, I guess I somewhat grew out of Final Fantasy (still love them, they just don't appear that often on the big consoles, especially when I can be entertained by regular Warriors titles) if you would call it that.

Still, I buy the occasional PC game like from the Star Wars series. I have the KOTOR games and the Battlefront titles as well. And buy any of the DMC games if they were to get high praise and be worth my time, etc. I do go out of my comfort zone in other words, but not very regularly. It's something I need to start doing more of.

07-02-09, 05:22 PM
Am I the only one who started gaming with pre-NES games or even NES?

07-02-09, 06:35 PM
Am I the only one who started gaming with pre-NES games or even NES?

I'm 17 and I didn't start with a NES but I bought one later.


I started at 4 years old at some babysitter's house, playing for the first time ever games like Sonic and Jurassic Park on the Sega Genesis (called Megadrive for you guys). Then, for my 5th anniversary, I got the Super Nintendo, one of the best console I ever had, with games like Zelda (which was kinda hard for me at the time), Donkey Kong Country, Yoshi's Island, the Super Mario's...I also got a Gameboy pocket in the same year, which turned out to be really great as I would play at school, especially when Pokémon got popular some years later. By that time, I got the Nintendo 64 with cult games like Zelda : OOT and MM, Banjo Kazooie, SSB, etc. But back then, I kinda was in pre-adolescence lol, rebelous and ****, and I felt that these games were too childish so I saved money for a year to buy myself a used Playstation 1 and later a modchip so I got a lot of games on this system. Sad enough it broke as it wasn't reallly reliable but I got another one (PSOne this time) not so later on. It was also a time where my family's got a good PC so I also discovered PC gaming, Soldier Of Fortune, Half-Life, Age Of Empires, Diablo 2, Starcraft, etc. After that, I remember that I had play several times on the Dreamcast at my friend's houses and when it turned out to be a failure and discontinued, my father picked me one and once again, I mostly just picked back-ups from the internet (no modchip needed). I really loved it but the year after, the new trio of consoles was in place and so my friends all picked one (some already had the PS2 but most of them got a Gamecube). That christmas, I got the Gamecube, just awesome console (Metroid Prime, SSBM, Zelda WW, SM Sunshine, Beyond Good and Evil). Anyway, that's what I thought before I discovered GTA Vice City on PS2. That game was so unreal to me and I at the time, I thought the graphics were better than any other Nintendo games lol. Probably because it was looking more like real-life. I finally got a PS2 and GTA became one of my favourite serie ever, as well as MGS and the FF's (that I hadn't discovered on PS1 till later with FF Anthology, FF7, FF8, FF9). Oh yeah, I forgot, before I ever had a Gamecube, I also got a GBA which I didn't play that much (Advance Wars and Pokémon's were my favorites though). After the PS2, I got a PSP, which I really didn't play much (never had a good game actually), re-sold it. I got a DS for the new Pokémon, sold it too. I also bought a NES and a Saturn (with add-ons to play neo-geo adaptations and japanese games like Baroque and Shining Force 3) and on Spring 2007, I bought myself a nice Premium Xbox 360, best console ever. :P (I already had a HDTV also) I also discovered HD DVDs and a need of collecting them grew up in me as they were cheap (when they lost the war), of course only great movies, not any of them. But then, I also got interested in Blu-ray discs so I got a PS3 with MGS4 this last christmas.

That's it...

Private Prinny
08-02-09, 08:37 PM
My gaming career started with my 5 year older cousin getting a C16.
Back then I was 6 and he was 11, and I only met him 3 or 4 times a year for a couple of days, since we life about 350 km apart.

Then 2 years later he went on and got himself a C64, and I got his old C 16.
3 Years later the same, he got a Amiga 500+ and again I got his old stuff.
In the final good years of Commodore (arround 1992) I got my parents to buy me a Amiga 600 (yes was a bad move) and my grandparents to buy me a SNES, btw my cousin sold his 500 and got himself a Amiga 1200.
Also I bought a used gameboy somewhere back then....but the lack of good rpgs and strategygames around my part of town did their work and I soon got rid of that ugly handheld.

In the year 1994 for the last time I got his Amiga 1200 as he bought himself a crazy PC. But the joy was short, because the Amiga 1200 Harddrive exploded in a spectacular frenzy of sounds reminding me of a pack of chainsaws cutting through tin-cans half a year later.

Till the year 2001 there was nothing new apart from my SNES, since C 16, C 64 and Amiga 600 already gave in to malfunctions little brothers stupidity or else.

In 2001 I got my notebook (got my first PC being 21 years old back then) and a PS2...

Last Purchases were PSP and NDS in 2006 and a gamecube last summer (I bought it cheap and only for Fire Emblem Path of radiance.....both together did cost me 40 €....was a good deal imho)

So my career started early, but I was born under a bad star ...only my SuperNES functions now from the golden ages of gaming (the 90s)

Now I am convinced the good game years (aside from very rare exceptions in the console/handheld-market) are over. Game development company's like Bluebyte, Silmarils, Cinemaware and Bullfrog, the young westwood Studios and old Squaresoft will stay my alltime favourites.

Too bad that the really good games don't like XP-PCs....Vista is even less appreciated.....I fear the days when I finally loose these shining pearls of game-history forever.
Even now I have problems to run my originals of Dune 1 and 2, Transarctica, Storm master, Syndicate and the godlike battle Isle 2 nd 3 since I started in the windows xp era not the dos era....I have no clues at all at old dos-commands and functions and suck at pcs generally.

But if these games would function properly one thing would be sure.....I wouldn't be online here.....I would play Battle Isle to death ^^

09-02-09, 12:12 PM
@ PP: I knew I could count on you on the pre-NES games business *HIGH FIVE!* After all, you're thirty ,D

09-02-09, 01:31 PM
Am I the only one who started gaming with pre-NES games or even NES?Nope. I had started way back when the Atari was around but I didn't really get into video games until I played Final Fantasy II for SNES for hours non stop. From there, that is when I discovered the overrated series of Final Fantasy. I got tired of the series eventually and moved onto the Warriors series. Now these days, I am not too much into gaming even with the Warriors series. I plan to sell a bunch of my PS1 and 2 games including a few of my KOEI collection games since I either completed them at 100% or didn't really played them at all since I had it.

Private Prinny
09-02-09, 08:18 PM
@ PP: I knew I could count on you on the pre-NES games business *HIGH FIVE!* After all, you're thirty ,D

*High Five!*

...wait thirty? Good thats still 1 year and a half away ^^

I am weak....I went out today and bought 4 PS2 games....4!

Soul Nomad and the world eaters (as a NIS fanboy a must) -> NIS-Games on PS2 Collection now complete.
God of War 1 and 2 (Suprisingly for someone like me I liked the PSP God of War pretty much) so I bought it to complete my collection.

Yakuza 1 ...thats pretty much Outis fault. Read some post from here where she stated that she played yakuza 2. Was interested in the name of the game and began surfing the net for info. Found official site and watched the promotional real life drama there....and yes... I am a sucker for Yakuza-dramas pretty much.

All in all only 70 € for 4 games....thats pretty much on the one side on the other hand not much compared to my expenses for gaming the last half year. Which where pretty much Zero.

Now only Xenosaga 3, Dinasty Tactics 2 and Kessen 3 and Yakuza 2 to complete my collection (Kessen and Din Tactics only because I am a completist freak)......but getting a Xenosaga 3 in Europe now is pretty much complicated for me, since I fail at internet shops.

Yakuza 2 is the only one available here offline in the shops or on amazon.de
I will get it if I like Yakuza 1 and with the next big weak purchase-alot-day.

But to get Xenosaga 3...still pondering how to do that.

Back on topic.

It still amazes me how bad my luck is. I got the C16 and already nowwhere where games to be found to be bought for it (back in the days you needed cassettes to play)
Nearly the same with C 64...only game compilations....only 1 Game bought that was not part of a mnagazine disk or a game compilation (but it was worth it)
Amiga 600 was better......not perfect, but the most games I wanted I got...but I hated the weak ram/fastram/no hdd....Dune 2 was acceptable, civilization 1 too.....but playing the goodly Ufo Enemy Unknown (aka X-Com Ufo-defense) with only 1 meg ram or Stormmaster without a numpad....or Settlers I with two mouses (amiga mouses were such poor quality products....I pulverized 4 of them with a friend playing settlers 1)....where no shops sold mouses for amiga anymore.... It was terrible.

Loading times with X-Com were brutal.....even swaping disks like crazy....settlers I would only function with world size 3 not the maximum of world size 8....no sounds of course...that was only good at 2 megs or more....

Falling asleep in a game of syndicate while the computer was loading like there was no tommorrow......swearing like a sailor at mad tv because the quotas where too low.....and failing for the umteeenth time at it Came from the Desert....well...as you proably already figured out....I could go on forever...that were the days.....*drowning himself in nostalgia*

Leady FF ^^
09-02-09, 10:46 PM
Awesome thread, really enjoyed reading these!!

for me:

7-11 - Spectrim 128k played mainly Star Wars Arcade, Lords of Chaos
12-13 - moved to South Africa so no consoles played arcade cab in corner shop. WWF Superstars, Double Dragon to begin with, then Final Fight, Pit Fighter and SF2 came along later along with Terminator 2 Arcade
13-18 - SNES - loved SMW, Mario Kart, Yoshis Island, Super Star Wars, Alien 3

....Saturn or Playstation

Saturn of course! Loves Guardian Heroes, NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Death Tank. On Saturn I imported my first games when PAL releases dried up. I imported Burning Rangers and Shining Force 3 parts 2 and 3. I realised there was a world of gaming outside of what I was being spoon fed!

Started to play alot more Arcade games. VF3, Daytona etc.

20-25 - Dreamcast!!! Loved the Dreamcast, fav games were Shenmue. But got pretty much all the classics. I'm still mainly playing Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike ^^
26 - Completed addicted to Initial D arcade game, must have spent at least Ł1k playing it that year -_-
27 - I worked for NCsoft for one year and got addicted to Lineage 2, after that I swore no more MMOs
28-30 - Chin and Gischie taught me about Musou (REALLY like DWG2) but my main game is Pokemon.

10-02-09, 12:40 AM
28-30 - Chin and Gischie taught me about Musou (REALLY like DWG2) but my main game is Pokemon.
And you still don't know a lots of things about it :p

10-02-09, 12:20 PM
I started with a Sega Master System, I was around 4-5 years and my uncle gave me one on my birthday, I used to love playing Sonic, The Lion King and some more, i had the game Aliens, but I was kinda affraid to play it for some reason. xD

A year or two later I got a Sega Mega Drive and a lot of games, I remember having brought and played all the Sonic's, I used to play games such as Terminator, Robocop, Street Racer, Ecco the Dolphin, Spiderman, Mortal Kombat, Asterix, and so on.

Sometime later I got a PSX alongside a Gameboy color. PSX, I played Tomb Raider (all of the titles), Gran Turismo 1 and 2, Crash Bandicoot (all of the titles), Road Rash and many others, thats when I first played RPG games and quickly got addicted to them, started with FFVII and from there brought some others RPG games. for the Gameboy I only had one Megaman and Zelda game (can't remember which one) Pokemon Red and Pokemon Silver, didn't use it too much.

Then brought a GBA for the only purpose of playing some good RPG's such as Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, Golden Sun, Tactics Ogre, etc.

Finally, PS2, PSP and of course PC.
PSP I don't use it too much as most of my favorite games are on PS2 some even are the same. PS2, I have played hundreds of titles, I started with Splinter Cell, Gran Turismo 3, Tomb Raider and FFX and from there I brought and rented numerous PS2 games, currently I don't play it too much, only once in a while.

PC games I don't play them now, but I used to love playing Battlefield, Counter-Strike and Silkroad, I played all of them online.

And thats it for now.

10-02-09, 04:07 PM
I'm surprised to see how many other people have played the SEGA Master System O_O

15-02-09, 08:19 AM
I'm going to be very concise, as it's 9am and I haven't had any sleep yet...

I started playing NES when I was 3 or 4 years old.

Later I got a Sega Master System and then a Sega Mega Drive. I remember playing games like sonic, shining force, golden axe, strider and crusader of centy (or soleil).

After that I won a Game Boy in a drawing competition (my brother also won one). Then came the SNES, PSX and N64.

The first console I ever bought with my own money was my GameCube (I got the previous ones from my parents, and had to share them with my brother). I got a used one pretty cheap, along with 4 games (no good ones). There weren't really that many good games released on GC either, just a few ones.

After a while I realized I should have gotten a PS2 instead, so I got one (actually a pstwo). I've bought a lot of games for this console (mostly RPGs) and I have over 50 games atm. This was also the first gaming console I ever used to play online, and I played games like Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star Universe and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.

After making some money (from a summer job) I could afford getting a PS3 (along with MGS4). It's my latest console and I got it last year around June~July. So far I only have 12 games, unless you count downloaded ones.

Captain Ashton
03-03-09, 07:21 PM
To put it simply:
Sega was my first. Then I got a PS2. A while later I got a GBA for my birthday. Many years later I got a Nintendo DS for my birthday. 2 Years Later; PS3 for my Birthday (Jan 2008). This years Birthday (Jan2009) my present was my Xbox360. Oh yeah and my sister has a Nintendo Wii which I'm allowed to use :P. I could go into much more detail but you'd just get bored.

04-03-09, 07:54 PM
To put it simply:
Sega was my first. Then I got a PS2. A while later I got a GBA for my birthday. Many years later I got a Nintendo DS for my birthday. 2 Years Later; PS3 for my Birthday (Jan 2008). This years Birthday (Jan2009) my present was my Xbox360. Oh yeah and my sister has a Nintendo Wii which I'm allowed to use :P. I could go into much more detail but you'd just get bored.
You sure get nice birthday presents =P
The last time I got a console as a gift was 1997, when me and my brother got a N64. Though, the last game I received as a gift was 'Skies of Arcadia: Legends' for gamecube, and I think that was on Christmas 2003.

12-04-09, 07:35 PM
Well it was my brother’s fault. His mate lent us a Dreamcast and then my brother brought a PS1 which he let me use and we played together and went from there really. He got PS2 and I gave him a slim one for his birthday and because he was off to uni, (so I kept his old PS2) :) I brought the PS3 because I like the PS controllers and the Xbox controllers are too big.