View Full Version : DOA5 online pass issue

01-10-12, 12:46 PM
I have sucessfully downloaded the online pass on 27th and can access the online feature.

However, when I play the game today, it ask me to get online pass and I cant access the online function.

I got the CE in AU. so anyone can help me ?

03-10-12, 05:47 PM
Hello I have an issue with online pass too.

I bought the game brand new from a local gamestore, and PSN wont accept the online pass at the back of the manual. upon inspection, i found out that the disc appeared to have been imported from Europe (I'm in Asia, Malaysia)

I'm new to this online pass thingy, and after reading from forum and help sites i discovered that online pass only works with the same region as the PSN is registered.

My question is, is it possible for me to redeem a new online pass?? what should i do? please help. thanks!