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06-10-12, 05:27 PM
Hi guys this is one of my favorit games i wonder why ps3 doesnīt have one?
i only have monster rancher 4 and now i dont have ps2 only ps3 :( i kinda feeel lonely without my monsters :(

Arthur Sataine
31-10-12, 07:03 PM
There should be a PS3 iteration. Definitely. This was one of Tecmo's most awesome game series. I started at Monster Rancher, love 2 the most, 4 being the next best. I have all the games, including the portable versions. Which reminds me, releasing it on DS was a huge mistake. They should have stuck with disc generation. Went the PSP route.

The concept would be huge today if they would only release a new one for PS3. Look at all the discs that could be used today! CDs, games, pc discs, ps1 games, ps2 games, DVDs, BluRays! It would just be endlessly fun.

They should create another with ALL of the monster types that ever existed in the past. They should also create a few new breeds. Another thing they should have done is give Monster Rancher Online a chance in the Western World. It would have been a hit. Look at Digimon Masters Online, huge success.

If they need any sort of figures or proof, just get with Sony and begin talks of re-releasing Monster Rancher & Monster Rancher 2 as PS1 classics on the PSN, and re-releasing Monster Rancher 3, Monster Rancher 4 and Monster Rancher EVO as PS2 classics on the PSN. They would sell like hotcakes.

31-10-12, 10:07 PM
Itīs true im have been looking for monster rancher online but... puff disapeard....
PLS TECMO talk to sony do whatever you can so i can buy this games on psn store european and american pls TECMO i will buy dinasty warrios 8 on the launch pls

21-12-12, 09:30 AM
nice thread and post thanx for this helpful lies
my favorite game god of war 3
thanx this forum