View Full Version : Wanted: People Willing to Cosplay for Saihai no Yukue Group

14-02-09, 02:27 AM
Okay, this has been seriously in my head, but since KOEI has yet to release the rival to the Ace Attorney series that is Saihai no Yukue (The Baton's Whereabouts), I'm planning to do a SnY cosplay group for the London MCM October 2009.

Reason why I'm doing in October is, because my younger sister's got some real life stuff to do for May, so she can't be around. And I can't make it either, as I got some unfinished real life stuff to take care of.

More info and character roster list can be found at the link below:

Today's Random Subject: Saihai Cosplay (Yes, I made that title up) (http://sho-saka.deviantart.com/journal/21489196/)

So far, there's barely a few people willing enough to do a cosplay group, but if you're interested or would like some more info about this curiousity that I'm planning, you can do two things: either PM me here or KW (though I'm not in there for most of the time).

Details aren't finalised, but I'll update when the time comes.

Until then, keep begging KOEI UK to convince them to have SnY the translation it deserves.