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14-02-09, 08:58 PM
So the Iga ninja and loyal servant of Ieyasu what does everyone think of him.

Personally out of all the ninja in the game he is by far my favourite. Moveset wise I defintely prefer his SW2 one over his SW one as while they are both good his special attacks are execellent especially his elemental one which can cause a lot of damage to just about anything it hits.

I also like his attitude out of all the ninja as he's the only one who's actually serious about what he's doing all the time compared to the others where it's only occasionally. His voice actors defintely suit him as well as does his costumes.

15-02-09, 12:43 PM
I like his design better in SW2. I'm not a super fan of his but he's cool to use for his ninja skills and him being a ninja. LOL, I guess the ''silent but deadly'' phrase could be used in this circumstance as well. I would like him to talk a bit more as well.

C4 is likely his best move in my opinion. His musou is cool since it resembles his overuse of the words shadow and darkness.

I do think Kotaro has the better moveset though. I love good running musou attacks, especially.

16-02-09, 02:06 AM
Hanzo is a very serious character, which isnt a hard thing to find but at least he does not say much besides shadow and darkness. That makes it easier to like him at least.

C4 may the move used most by me, but all of his moves look nice at least. The aerial combo (C2) looks very nice in my opinion.

22-02-09, 04:23 PM
I dislike this character, even if I don't have anything against the TRUE Hattori from History.
What I don't like about him, is that Koei didn't gave him an interesting story, his personality is rather poor, he's rather weak (in term of strenght) & his design, altough it's better than his SW1's one, is not that brilliant...
Of the 3 ninja availables in the game, he's by far the less interesting IMO.

Sorry if I offense his fans :/

Qing Long
24-02-09, 08:51 PM
Same as you, Hebi, though I don't dislike his design, he looks like a ninja so it's ok, but I don't like his moveset too >_< too weak & too weird >_> (I was so happy to change him after WO1 : Wu - First Stage XD)

Of the 3 ninja availables in the game, he's by far the less interesting IMO.

& also agreed, others ninjas got more remarkable personality.

Sorry, for fans, I don't dislike Hanzo & didn't want to hurt anyone...

03-04-09, 12:43 PM
Hanzo is a good character all around. His personality fits his ninja style qualities good. As to his moveset, I only like using his C4 mainly. I dislike his musou since he only stands in one position, making it harder to attack blocked enemies.

04-09-09, 12:56 AM
i like hanzo hattori. Mainly because he is a ninja. I liked him a lot in the first game mainly because he was a ninja. I use him sometimes in the WO games as well.


04-09-09, 08:58 AM
I like the new design. It's a bit strange seeing the mouth exposed for the first time, but judging from his historical portrait, it's accurate with him having the small devil horns and exposed mouth.

04-09-09, 01:38 PM
I don't really like his new design. He looks like a blend of Zhou Tai and Wei Yan.
That being said, I liked him in SW1 when he didn't say 'daaaaaaaaaaaarkneeeeess' every two minutes :D