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15-02-09, 01:59 PM
I was kinda afraid of playing as Diao Chan at first 'cause... Well, 'cause she looks like she could easily be a really sucky character... But I decided to try her out after I beat the Musou Mode with all the 9 initial characters of DW6. I even had such rotten luck that the last 3 characters that I had left out of the initial 9 were Sun Shang Xiang, Dian Wei and Sima Yi... I hated all of them (well maybe not Sima Yi).

So playing as Diao Chan now is a huge relief.
She's fast, she's got a good moveset, her Musou Attack is wicked... Overall, she's a very well balanced character. Gameplay wise she kinda feels like the female equivalent of Lu Xun. Very easy and fun to play with.

I'm just not a very big fan of her weapon or her style.
But there's no way around it, she's a pretty decent warrior *thumbs up*

15-02-09, 02:11 PM
What hit me the most about her in 6 was that Koei showed her more colder, ruthless side. I could tell from her initial quotes when starting to use her. Later though in her Musou she turns more into the same as she's always been, just loving Lu Bu and trying to escape/end the chaos.

I use to like her more in DW3 near when the series begun. It was fun using her easy combo attacks and juggling my brother in VS. He use to get so stressed out lol.

15-02-09, 02:15 PM
Yeah, it's true... the juggling I mean.
You can beat pretty much any officer without getting a scratch on you 'cause once you knock your opponent off his/her feet and start repeating the basic attack, you can keep that poor badguy hanging in midair until s/he dies.

Also, nothing says "CLEAR A PATH!!!" like Diao Chan's Musou Attack.

Qing Long
17-02-09, 09:30 PM
Diao Chan is one of my favorite character since DW3 as many female characters too.
Her story is interesting even if sad at the end. Her costumes & character designs have always been very beautiful & well done. Her Dancer side is well representated in her costumes & weapons designs, & even in her movesets. She looks like dancing even if she's fighting. I like her feminine & delicate personality that disappear or become a mortal dance in the battlefield. ^^

17-02-09, 09:43 PM
Diao Chan is one of my favorite character since DW3 as many female characters too.
Her story is interesting even if sad at the end. Yeah, its kinda sad what happened to her and Lu Bu, they both could had a different story if Lu Bu hadn't that personality and Diao Chan didn't "used him" to kill Dong Zhuo. But still on DW5 and DW6 Diao Chan's ending, is something nice and different from the actual story, personally i prefer her DW6 story that the actual one or other DW titles. :)

Diao Chan was always one of my favorite females on DW, I like her personality a lot too, on DW Empires/Lu Bu Story Modes I always felt like being at her side and protect her. XD

Her moveset on DW6 seems to suit her well and its very powerful and efficient.
On DW3-DW5 titles she is fun to use and juggle enemies in the air.

17-02-09, 10:21 PM
Yeah I'm glad to have a female character like Diao Chan in the game(s).
I don't have a problem with playing as a male character, but since I'm a girl I'm always kinda looking for a good female character in games like these (if 90% of the DW characters were female, guys would be prettu desparately looking for a decent male character too). And unfortunately oftentimes there just are none.
Also, female characters often turn out somehow inferior to the male characters. They're either weak, they have a poor moveset or they have broken gameplay due to some other crippling shortcomings.

Gadner Bhan
03-03-09, 10:51 PM
I think Diao Chan has always been one of the most charismatics characters of Dynasty Warriors series. Graceful, delicate, beauty... so charming. Her outfits has always been good too, but never as much as this time around. It's just wonderful. I like a lot her moveset with her earlier weapons, but I'm ok with the whip, since it fits soo good with her because as Qing Long said, it looks like she's fightiing and dancing at the same time. And she's good and powerful enough to make you fully enjoy this new fighting style.

I agree, male characters usually prevail in the scene of character roster of games, and I would like to see a more balanced tendency in this subject. For example in DW6 you have 36 male characters to choose from, good that's great, but, only 5 female characters!? Aww, come on! We live in an age of equality, so it would be good to take this to more aspects like, say, the videogames world...

23-03-09, 10:03 PM
I happen to like Diao Chan. She has a great move set and a great look. Her voice also fits. I'm glad that they changed her personality a bit in DW6 from innocent and helpless to a seemingly helpless, manipulative witch like Zhen Ji! (jk) It's good that they made her more independent. I just wish they would've made her story a little more interesting. It's constantly "I must honor my father's wish," or tricking Lu Bu and lying to him. But I think it was a good ending - except for the whole "time of peace" thing. How long would that ever last? xD

03-04-09, 02:04 AM
To be quite honest, I don't like Diao Chan the same way like I use to in the past. I do enjoy her moveset in 6 but I didn't like her storyline one bit for some reason. Before DW6, she was an enjoyable character to use. For no reason, I use to laugh whenever I did her C3 attack in DW5. I think I just enjoyed the grunts when they fight like I do with certain other characters.

ebil shrimp
26-04-09, 05:31 PM
i always liked her before, her weapons were interesting and her appearence was well suited to her. however my freind was like, REALLY obsessed with her, disgustingly so. he would always choose here but when he did he would always jump around trying to look up her dress. REALLY wierd. i mean its a animated character for gods sake! and seeing as her outfit became more revealing as the games went on i've taken to using a profile that i haven't unlocked Diao Chan with when he comes over.

27-04-09, 12:59 AM
For me I never really liked her up until DW6, I found her quite bland up until DW6 - in terms of both appearance and moveset.

But in DW6 I loved using her, her Renbu attack style is great, her story mode still isn't something overly special though. Basically hiding behind Lu Bu the whole time while he gets his temper up in a weird way of protecting her.

01-05-10, 02:10 AM
Diao Chan was one of my favorites since DW5.
The flute really appealed to me as i like the spellcaster role, really enjoyed using her however in DW 6 She's become my favorite character.
I've always enjoyed speedy characters and Diao Chan's speedy n Explosive.
Her affection building for Lu Bu is sweet too. :3

02-05-10, 01:18 PM
I haven't tried playing her yet, So i'm not going to hate her for no apparent reason, She's great if you have her in the team and i think it's a real shame that people dislike her on appearnce.
Personally i don't like her dress style but you gotta do what you gotta do xD (Apparently it's a sourceress style) ¬¬
But hey, Doesn't mean i'm going to hate her :)
It would be a shame if she wasn't playable, She reaches out to a wider fan base then if she was taken out.
Also, She has an extremley big part in the story of Lu Bu (She's the mother of his childern for gosh sake -_-' )