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01-03-09, 11:21 AM
Discussion of the SW2:XL character here... :D

Even though hes a fairly recent addition to SW, I like his personality alot and he uses a Shamisen for a weapon which is cool as well... like his appearance to and his voice from SW2:XL, even though its criticised alot, I like it alot... suits him quite well...

Gameplay wise, he takes some time to get used to, but once you get all his attacks, he is a lethal character...

So what does everyone think of him...

01-03-09, 11:30 AM
Well yeah, I loved his voice that he snatched from Nobunaga. Perhaps a bit deep for his appearance in 2XL, it was later fixed in WO2 to a more suitable voice. Still, both are good. His appearance is okay and his moves are fun to use. I found using him a bit tough at first though.

01-03-09, 11:48 AM
I can not get used to this guys moveset. Only Zhang He sends me to all corners of the map faster than this guy. I suppose if you could time the bubbles correctly, he could be potent in battle.

His personality is rather boring in some ways as he looks to lose in almost every battle he participates in. While he would not be the only person to do so, Tadakastu/Lu Bu live after there attempts. He is unique though, I will give him that.

22-03-09, 11:22 PM
Motochika is my favorite male character from all Samurai Warriors games. He's jut so intent on making a name for himself in history and making the land peaceful. I like his look and his shamisen. His C4 or his bubble combos are my favorite attacks. This is random, but I hope that in a future installment, Nobuchika will be included. I saw an awesome OC of him on DeviantArt and I loved it! :D

* I hope they include Motochika's wife too.

22-03-09, 11:24 PM
Here's the link to the OC for Nobuchika
Copyright to creator ad DeviantArt. (I don't know if I had to do that xD)

03-04-09, 12:45 PM
Motochika was the first character I used in SW2: XL. His character design is one of the reasons why I love him. His moveset is interesting but can be very enjoyable to use once you get the hang of it. I actually took more of a liking to him in WO2 especially after I heard his voice. I prefer that one over his original SW2: XL deep voice for some reason but no matter what he is my favorites from the Samurai Warriors series.

07-06-10, 06:05 PM
Im shocked in SW3 his story is completely different, but he still rules!

15-06-10, 10:55 AM
Im shocked in SW3 his story is completely different, but he still rules!

i thought that the change was good how he supported mitsuhide, but i do miss his Shikoku campaign vs Hideyoshi.

but on another note..... MOTOCHIKA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D