View Full Version : The strategy to "Idol success" is not as easy as you think.

02-07-20, 07:26 AM

Today, many people dream of becoming a celebrity idol. Because it is easily understood that there is no need to invest a lot of effort That's because those people only look at "Beginning" and "Success" only, but not looking at the steps and processes along the way. Which is definitely not sprinkled with rose petals Like a YouTuber, Influencer or Net Idol. That is becoming the career trend of the dreams of Thai children Because he saw an example that he could only speak in front of the camera Both with money and fame But didn't think that it might not be sustainable Due to the lack of know-how or procedure knowledge, which is related to the sequence of work processes, know-how is different from general knowledge. Because it can be used for further work directly And mostly used to solve problems at work
Therefore, being an idol is not as easy as you think. When there is no know-how, if it is difficult to run out of opportunities But there are still ways to continue and be more sustainable
- Build credibility
Start by proving to others that we can and can do well. By using passion and inspiration as a driving force The important thing is being yourself. And honest to yourself Will help build credibility And make others believe in us Because of forcing yourself to do something other than yourself We naturally cannot bear to do it for a long time. And finally will fail
- have connection
Connection is not a must, but it should be Because it cannot be denied that connection is a ladder that makes it easier to step to success Creating an advantage over people without Because many times the job comes from the advice of people we know Or at the very least makes it more likely and has a way to go forward than someone who started from scratch
- Punctual
No one likes people who work procrastinately and do not save time. Because in working everything has time limitations When one does not save time Would inevitably lead to the subsequent process breaking the plan as well Especially if already promised But when it's time to turn in the wrong job Also leads to lack of credibility as well

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