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22-03-09, 11:04 PM
My absolute favorite female in the entire Dynasty Warriors series. I love her annoying and childish personality. Her move set fits her as well. But I liked her look better in DW5 than in DW6. Speaking of DW6, why is she the only character that actually has a unique move set to herself, and yet she doesn't gave a musou mode?! I understand that she's not the most important character, but still...

23-03-09, 07:38 PM
Well, when they first arrived in 3, I didn't mind using the two. From that point onwards their (mainly Xiao Qiao) voices became more annoying (if I would be so bold!) and their appearances younger and younger. Still, Xiao has the better and most hyper movelist, and in DW6 at first using her felt extremely weird because of the way she fights.

23-03-09, 07:55 PM
I agree. Her voice has gotten more annoying, and she looks even younger. But her new move set fits her better (in my opinion). Especially if "equipped" with flame and air wave. It gets really good range (if she has the renbu full). Even if she is annoying, you gotta love her. I personally think she's a better and stronger fighter than Da Qiao (even though Xiao is younger). And Da Qiao sounds too mature in DW5. Xiao Qiao sounds more annoying in the WO series than the DW. I still wonder why they didn't make her a DW6 story mode, since she has a move set to herself. And if they brought Da Qiao back (hopefully not ;D), I hope her moves are different from her sister's

Gadner Bhan
25-03-09, 01:47 AM
I think Xiao Qiao is a very fun character to use and has always been. I like her apperance in DW6 because I think that a little bit of elegance has been added to her look, and she is already a pretty girl, so the combination rised up her charm. The point I see more frequently criticized related to her, it's undeniably her voice, followed by that somewhat childish attitude. But personally, I try not to pay much attention to this matters, since I've get used to the fact that japanese always have the tendency to throw in this kind of characters with stereotyped personalities in anime and videogames.

Her fighting style it's unorthodox as she uses fans, but I say she's good enough to be a consistent character. Her moveset became deeper and more complete in Warriors Orochi due to the nature of the speed class characteristics, and that made her ultra-fun to use, and in DW6 that last series of attacks she has with a full renbu gauge, have to be the best of the whole game!! If you match it with the benefits you gain from a standard type weapon, well....not even Godzilla could be that powerful and destructive

03-04-09, 01:52 AM
Compared to Da Qiao, I would say that Xiao Qiao is the complete opposite of her sister when I compare them. Personality wise, I find her very annoying and whiny despite the fact she sounds cute when she is in trouble. Moveset wise, I find her moves to be a bit more useful to use since she has longer range with her fans. The only set back is her musou attack in 5 is very hard to control at times.

With DW6, I found her moveset to be very afwul to use along with her musou attack since it doesn't give much of an effect when knocking out enemies. I only find her s-string attack at full renbu to be the only useful attack she got.

Dantie Neit
23-05-09, 08:37 AM
My favourite female for each game, that she was in of course. I've yet to find anything I don't really like about her, except for lack of damage sometimes.

01-05-10, 02:06 AM
Great character, My girlfriend loves her moveset, She'll be using the character on Strikeforce for her birthday ^.^.
Just wishing she was in more Cutscenes and had her story more... "Detailed"
Espesially with her Sister, Da Qiao.

02-05-10, 01:08 PM
Great character, My girlfriend loves her moveset, She'll be using the character on Strikeforce for her birthday ^.^.
Just wishing she was in more Cutscenes and had her story more... "Detailed"
Espesially with her Sister, Da Qiao.

Pretty much yes, I think she's an awsome character, I just wish she had more of a story line :/
I would like to know more about her past.
My first character was Xing Cai, After she was cut out of DW i started plaing her and she is pretty awsome :)
I really hope they don't cut her ^^
It's a shame about her sister, I would have liked to have known more about her aswell, and there relationship with her sister and people around her.
Yes, I shall be playing her on my Birthday ;D