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23-03-09, 09:21 PM
I think she was a good addition to the SW series. She has a well-rounded move set and a cool look (C5 & musou). Her weapon (bracelets) are a little strange and weird to use, but you get used to it. I found her kind of annoying in her first few "movies" in between stages. "MAGO... MAGO! MAAGGOO!"... I wanted to tell her to stfu as much as Magoichi. I was shocked when (in the game) it said that her husband tried to KILL HER! Crazy much? And I found it weird how her father (Mitsuhide) wasn't even looking for her after she ran away. Yet it WO2, when Dong Zhuo came during the Battle of the Wuhang Mountains, he's all, "If you even lay so much as a finger on her, I'll make your life not worth living." Then she's all, "I will serve no man, especially one such as you." I was shouting PWNAGE. (sorry if your annoyed with me quoting characters. I like to do that). XD

24-03-09, 09:36 AM
Absolute powerhouse in SW2XL for being a ranged character and the moves to support it like the musou recharge and the all purpose special moves and great horse attacks. Pity about the severe bashing with the nerf stick for WO2.

Her personality it is unique but I still hate it (VOICE!). It may been unique for the series but it is not unique in other series.

God-Like Phoenix
24-03-09, 10:00 AM
I never got to use her, since I wasnt able to get SW2XL(discontinued) and WO2...well, I just havent seen it around yet -_- but from what ive seen, she seems pretty good, and her design is pretty good also :)

24-03-09, 10:54 AM
WO2 is apparently discontinued in Australia according to my local EB. Your not missing much in terms of Gracia, even Yoshimoto Imagawa is better.

24-03-09, 06:35 PM
What I really liked about her was her voice in SW2XL. I also disliked the overboard amount of Mago this, and Mago that. They could've cut down on that, but I guess it adds to the personality or something.

24-03-09, 08:56 PM
I liked her voice too. Did anyone else notice that her voice sounded older and maturer (in the english version) about half-way through her story?

Qing Long
28-03-09, 09:05 PM
Well, no, I didn't noticed, sorry ^^''' In fact, I think she has a nice & young voice in SW2XL English, but don't look a "mature" voice in my opinion '''
Finally, Gracia is a good Original/Special Character in SW2XL, she's got a super magical style :) And her story is cool (even if always "Mago! Mago!" XD)

However, when I started to play her, it was "Aaaah what ? Her moveset are so so weak XD" Thought impossible to finish the battle within 3 or 4 hours XD Hopefully Matsukaze (Unlocked in SW2) was here ^_^ I've never used and loved that much a horse like that in a KOEI Game XD (except Red Hare) At the starting to level upping Gracia, it was always Gracia & Matsukaze in battle XD

After when she's more powerful, her special R1 attack are enough strong to defeat easily enemy officers + her circular Charge is quite awesome too ^^ (No Matsukaze or others horses anymore or just for move XD) + Refills Musou Gauge + Her Musou Laser is really abused (so strong) ^^

03-04-09, 12:55 PM
I never cared for Gracia mainly because of her weak moveset and short range of attacks. I love her "Mago? Mago? Where are you?" personality... thought it was cute along with her voice. I love her in WO2 alot more when I was able equipped Almighty on her which made her much quicker and easier to use lol.

30-05-09, 09:23 AM
I don't like her personality, she should be more faithful to the history and do not be related to Mago. But Jiahe,the problem with Gracia is she is very very very weak at the beginning and turn out to be the most powerful at the end, you should try to max her out, you could be surprised