View Full Version : Ebil Shrimp's Dragon lair.

ebil shrimp
28-03-09, 09:09 PM
ok, i draw Chinese Dragonsalot andi'm currently writing a novel. i will post drawings and some extracts in here foryour viewing andconstructive criticism :) here are two dragons to give a taster.

this one i didin ten mins after a test we just had. its rushed but ok. no where near mmy best though.


this one is a favourite of mine. i like it.
it looked better originally but the scanner wanted the lines darker so i had to fine line it. -_-
here is the main character, gemini


Insp. Chin
28-03-09, 10:33 PM
Hey man keep up the good work!! Gemini looks cool where's the fire from his mouth ? :) Good one thanks for posting.

ebil shrimp
29-03-09, 11:51 AM
in the novel its revealed that gemini always struggled with fire breathing, thanks