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Insp. Chin
22-04-09, 09:18 AM
Hi guys,

Sorry for not doing this in the first place. Though I think I should let everyone know who's working on this forum. As recently we have had more staff members join in and I'd like to introduce them to this community.

Insp. Chin - You know this guy already he's the one who posted this message you see now. If you have any problem on koei.co.uk in general, just contact this one. :)

Leady FF ^^ - Will, the Arsenal fan, he's the Vice President of the whole KOEI Europe. He'll be here interacting with you guys and will take KOEI to the next level.

The Moop - A new guy who has just joined us. Our PR guy lool and his name is Ben.

God-Like Phoenix - Matt from Australia, Ling Tong's fanboy, our new admin, he's active and willing to help to make this board better.

Qing Long - Nathalie has been with us for very long time now. She was the moderator of KOEI.fr before it's shut down. This lovely lady is very keen to help the community out. She's also the admin on the French blog.

Hebi - Julia, an ex-moderator from KOEI.fr that we brought over, she's going to take care of the French Embassy board for KOEI fans from France. She's helpful and her SW2 site is amazing!

Discordia - Adam was the moderator from TacticalRPG, he'll be taking our TRPG section. he's an amazing dude, he may not talk much in other sections outside of TRPG but he's a good mod, that's for sure.

Private Prinny - Armin is from Germany. He was the moderator from TacticalRPG (before it shut down), we brought him here to take care on our TRPG board. He loves the Warriors games too.

LittleDragonZ - Joe from England, an ultimate fan of Warriors series (in a bias view.) He's been working on a fansite, also came to our office to review some games once. He'll be able to help you if you have any problem especially the games developed by KOEI's Omega Force team. He loves fame, obviously. :D

Ruka - Rui from Portugal, he's in charge on the General board. This dude has a very good quality when it comes to mod capability. Feel free to send him a visitor message as he'll reply to you quick.

Zechs - Ales from Italy, he's the moderator of the Italian board. A webmaster of GundamWingZero.com. He'll in charge of the Gundam board too, he's a massive Gundam fanboy. If you have any question on Gundam, ask him.

Li Nan - If you heard of WotD (Warriors of the Dynasty), a very popular German KOEI fansite, you probably know Li Nan? And so she's the webmistress there. She joined us from the day this community launched, she'll be taking care of the German side of things.

AXOMME - Ciprian from Spain, he'll be taking care on the Spanish Embassy. If you have any problem please let him know as this dude is really helpful and kind so don't be afraid as he's an awesome guy.

Steel-PuXn@sTIK_Gordon - Eugene from Ukraine, he'll be in charge on the Russian board. He's a big Dynasty Warriors fan, please do not fear as this guy is super cool!

(French board is handled by Qing Long and Hebi)

That's basically our staff team. Any questions? Just ask. Have a wonderful time here!

Insp. Chin
06-08-09, 08:54 AM
Just an update, we've added God-Like Phoenix as the admin on the board now, congratulations :)

06-08-09, 10:55 AM
Congratulations Matt, Mr. New KOEI UK Admin. Represent Oz well :P

Mousou hat
06-08-09, 01:32 PM
good stuff, i can only see good people here.

08-08-09, 07:47 PM
Chin, if koei.co.uk had a Russian selection, I think you have not regretted that put me there like moderator :) I responsible enough, you know :D

Chi-Chi Blanche
09-08-09, 07:09 AM
Congrats on the promo matt! :D

Insp. Chin
11-08-09, 01:30 PM
Hahaha cheers!!

BTW Staff List re-updated, since we have found a moderator for our Russian section :)

Steel-PuXn@sTIK_Gordon :)

11-08-09, 02:27 PM
Thanks, Chin, but I am also Dynasty Warriors Gundam fan :)

Hi to all in koei.co.uk stuff^^

14-08-09, 11:33 AM
Congrats Matt! You made Ling Tong proud! :P