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04-05-09, 11:00 AM
While playing theese days dw6 i observed that when you get near a bannerman of your side he will give you a random power up for you.
note:you must battle at that moment & stand near him.
Also i figured out that the skill sprint when you run it will give you a speed power up of 10 sec. If you continue to run it will stay as long as you run.
note : i found that while playing the the super speed character xiao qiao.:D

Now i want to know if anyone knows any info about the bannerman if someone knows.

04-05-09, 11:08 AM
Those bannerman I guess are like a morale booster to your army, where soldiers fight with more vigor while near the one bearing the flag.

Although if I see an enemy bannerman I always target them, not only will it stop the enemy getting the odd stat boost they often drop a temp stat boost of their own, or better yet a special tome.

I like their addition to the series. :)

04-05-09, 11:10 AM
Yeah i also kill them for the same reason as you do .
Plus i noticed that when a enemy bannerman gives a attack boost to an enemy soldier & then you kill the bannerman he will drop a attack power up.
Im 100% sure about that.
Well it seems no soldier in dw is a waste :D

ebil shrimp
04-05-09, 11:47 AM
yes most ofthe timei fin that bannermen drop special tomes, speed boost or defense boost.

12-05-09, 07:47 AM
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12-05-09, 08:47 AM
Yeah, ad-bot and he is gone. Just ignore them if you see them. The staff will take care of them as they come. :)

Keep up the tips, i'm sure they'll be helpful for starting players, as well other players can discuss their views about it.