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15-05-09, 07:31 PM
Referring to the camp menu where it tells you your total KO`s made with a character in all the battles mines is Lu bu with 43504 & second Cao cao with 28005.

16-05-09, 01:25 PM
Cao Pi with 28562 i think 2nd Guan Yu with 13486

Note this is on DW5 Empires

18-05-09, 09:37 AM
I'm gonna list EVERY character. This is all DW6.

Zhao Yun: 12,303
Guan Yu: 12,164
Zhang Fei: 4,057
Zhuge Liang: 10,452
Liu Bei: 12,501
Ma Chao: 5,588
Huang Zhong: 1,012
Wei Yan: 526
Guan Ping: 406
Pang Tong: 6,429
Yue Ying: 1,338

Xiahou Dun: 4,489
Dian Wei: 3,443
Sima Yi: 5,296
Zhang Liao: 5,675
Cao Cao: 10,995
Xu Zhu: 1,137
Xiahou Yuan: 207
Xu Huang: 486
Zhang He: 9,970
Cao Ren: 3,971
Cao Pi: 5,881
Zhen Ji: 674

Zhou Yu: 4,060
Lu Xun: 3,506
Sun Shang Xiang: 13,238
Gan Ning: 6,012
Sun Jian: 4,215
Taishi Ci: 847
Lu Meng: 2,316
Huang Gai: 2,596
Zhou Tai: 561
Ling Tong: 4,087
Sun Ce: 646
Sun Quan: 717
Xiao Qiao: 1,945

Diao Chan: 11,310
Lu Bu: 18,888
Dong Zhuo: 1,227
Yuan Shao: 3,347
Zhang Jiao: 1,610

You can tell my favourite characters from the ones I don't like, eh? Although, Lu Bu only has a high one because I did his story twice, and KO's come naturally to him.

18-05-09, 09:43 AM
278490 with zhao yun. others are quite tiny in number so not really worth me saying :P i use zhao yun too much!!

18-05-09, 11:17 AM
278490 with zhao yun. others are quite tiny in number so not really worth me saying :P i use zhao yun too much!!

No doubt you use him to much! :eek:

18-05-09, 12:28 PM
Wow...thats alot of KO's for one character.

19-05-09, 07:22 PM
actually for DW6 mine is Cao Pi with 30000 on rampage

04-06-09, 03:11 PM
Zhao Yun: 13,501
Guan Yu: 16,205
Zhang Fei: 13,785
Zhuge Liang: 21,148
Liu Bei: 27,429
Ma Chao: 12,909
Huang Zhong: 12,999
Wei Yan: 14,617
Guan Ping: 9,132
Pang Tong: 12,731
Yue Ying: 20,296

Xiahou Dun: 17,732
Dian Wei: 12,316
Sima Yi: 15,067
Zhang Liao: 16,981
Cao Cao: 14,679
Xu Zhu: 11,441
Xiahou Yuan: 8,387
Xu Huang: 12,637
Zhang He: 12,984
Cao Ren: 7,964
Cao Pi: 14,843
Zhen Ji: 17,516

Zhou Yu: 12,671
Lu Xun: 14,813
Sun Shang Xiang: 19,293
Gan Ning: 10,554
Sun Jian: 29,263
Taishi Ci: 12,142
Lu Meng: 16,516
Huang Gai: 7,428
Zhou Tai: 15,427
Ling Tong: 16,617
Sun Ce: 23,250
Sun Quan: 52,463
Xiao Qiao: 11,942

Diao Chan: 15,596
Lu Bu: 25,463
Dong Zhuo: 11,371
Yuan Shao: 11,906
Zhang Jiao: 7,448

I used the same setup as Nevfx with my highest being in bold which is the obvious character I use. ^_~

Arten Morningstarr
04-06-09, 04:00 PM
This is all Dynasty Warriors 5 characters aswell as my Custom Officers because I don't have Dynasty Warriors 6 :(

The most amount of Ko's I have for 1 level is 2,982 on The Battle of 192AD Chang Shan on the side of Yuan Shao, I don't know which officer was used as that's my brothers record

The second highest is 2,898 on The Battle of Ji Province on the side of the Yellow Turbans, I don't know which officer was used as that's my brothers record

Zhao Yun: 10,542
Guan Yu: 4,069
Zhang Fei: 4,126
Zhuge Liang: 3,842
Liu Bei: 4,350
Ma Chao: 4,872
Huang Zhong: 5,072
Jiang Wei: 5.941 (He's not in DW 6 is he? Shame...)
Wei Yan: 3,150
Guan Ping: 2,670
Pang Tong: 2,948
Yue Ying: 3,500
Xing Cai: 4,228 (Also not in DW6 as far as I know)

Xiahou Dun: 3,444
Dian Wei: 2,943
Sima Yi: 0 (lol...)
Zhang Liao: 4,002
Cao Cao: 587
Xu Zhu: 2,448
Xiahou Yuan: 0 (also lol...)
Xu Huang: 0 (lol once more)
Zhang He: 2,792
Cao Ren: 3,717
Cao Pi: 6,834
Zhen Ji: 4,091
Pang De: 5,158 (Why'd they even remove officers?)

Zhou Yu: 4,391
Lu Xun: 4,081
Sun Shang Xiang: 2,469
Gan Ning: 3,019
Sun Jian: 5,773
Taishi Ci: 3,231
Lu Meng: 3,988
Huang Gai: 4,586
Zhou Tai: 6,357
Ling Tong: 3,841
Sun Ce: 3,342
Sun Quan: 3,932
Xiao Qiao: 2,940
Da Qiao: 2,813 (They kept one of the two Qiao's?)

Diao Chan: 2,193
Lu Bu: 8,051
Dong Zhuo: 2,776
Yuan Shao: 0 (Yeah, I should really finish all the Musou modes)
Zhang Jiao: 1,982
Meng Huo: 461 (Why get rid of the Nanman? There pretty fun to play as...)
Zhu Rong: 2,185 (She's a pretty good character, why delete her?)
Zuo Ci: 4,450 (I don't know much about this mysterious old guy)
Arten: 6,000 (He uses Fu Xi's sword lot's of fun :D)
Magus: 2,815 (He uses Yue Ying's Spear/Scythe thing)
Genjo: 0 (She uses Guan Yu's weapon type)
Dante: 2389 (He uses Zhang He's claw)
BeZaro: 3,265 (He uses Lu Xun's twin swords)
Mhing: 2,847 (She uses Lu Bu's huge Halberd)
Sohng: 4,026 (He uses Cao Cao's fighting style)

All in all, no where near as many as you guys :eek:

Zhuge Ke
23-10-09, 08:06 AM
Wow...thats alot of KO's for one character.

My five top:

Jiang Wei: 432 826
Lu Bu: 409 274
Liu Bei: 397 587
Ma Chao 388 467
Lu Meng: 323 093

Zhuge Ke
23-10-09, 08:11 AM
The most I beat in 1 battle was in the Trials of Sun Ce - I defeated 9999 and my brother defeated 7536. I wrote his record down on paper, because he tried to beat me up when I lied he only killed 800. SO I wrote it down, and he gave me a five pound note.

Just kill all the Wu soldiers that run up to you in the gate.

The most I beat in Musou Mode was in Lu Meng's musou. At the end he had a total of 37 927

23-10-09, 09:36 PM
My personal record is 10000-something with a Greatsword CAW in DW5XL.