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  1. Well we are chatting on MSN now so everything is okay! =o
  2. Yeah at times I do have fun here but it gets boring very quickly lol.
    That is because no one ever talks to me on MSN which is why I don't bother going on as much. :/ And for some reason when I did add you on my MSN, I was getting a bunch of random spam messages from you when you were offline. :S
  3. wow, you sure have a good time here.

    btw, i haven't seen you online on msn.
  4. Haha! Now you go it.
    I done that myself a few times already so your not alone. XD
  5. I am doing good! Just to let you know, you are suppose to add your replies on my profile page not yours. XD
  6. First visitor message! =D
    Hey girl, how have you been? ^^
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