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  1. IM sorry but you are not allowed more than one profile....if you want to change your need to post it in the unsername change thread.
  2. Pheonix im making new profile.its .::Lu-Xun::.
  3. lool....i dont really know about that xD.

    As for getting a signature pic. If you have a pic saved on your computer, you will have to upload it to a hosting website(tinypic, photobucket, etc) and with the [img]url goes here[/img] at the top of the screen here, you will see a section that says quick links, click on that, and a drop down menu will appear, click on the one that says edit signature, and from that page, put in the image tags with the url to get the pic into your signature. Also remember that the pic must be complying to the rules of the forum.
  4. How do u get Signature Pic??
  5. Hey Everyone, HERE COMES GAN NING!!!!! XD lol
  6. favourites would be, in no particular order....Ling Tong, Xu Huang, Zhang He, Yuan Shao, Zhang Jiao, Pang Tong, Wei Yan and Lu Meng
  7. who's your favorite Wu,Shu ,other & Wei Charcters Pheonix?????
  8. Haro Pheonix
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