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  1. Hanging out with friends doing yard work, looking for a new job, busted out dynasty warriors 5 for some fun. trying to get healthy but im borderline terminal. trying to patch up and old relationship with my best friend (i havent been able to get her out of my mind since last febuary even though we talk every day.) going to an "Epic grad party" at my friends house today. its probably gonna be lame.

    what about yourself anything interesting going on?
  2. Ah great! Well happy birthday for then I guess, what've you been up ta lately sunshine?
  3. I'm doing ok i guess my birthday is thursday

    How are you doing?
  4. Hello Tom, how're you doing lately?
  5. Pretty good i guess recovering from a chainsaw accident xD

    btw my names Tom nice to meet you
  6. Thank you very much sunshine, how're you doing?
  7. Bah haha thanks for the add i was thinking about adding you, ya seem cool.
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