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  1. fair enough, thanks tho lol guess i got work 2 do
  2. Actually, I have just had a look at my treasures and I'm not really sure how I got the music, just try different things like filling in game forms and stuff .
  3. thats a gd point bout his story cause he appears in most of gan nings.
    the music thing, i dont have it lol
  4. Yeah, at least Lu Meng had a story in 5, he's not got much going for him at the moment. And you just go on 'Edit My Profile', and it should be below choosing your background image. Not sure if you have to unlock a few treasures on here first though first .
  5. also how did u get the music on ur profile page?
  6. thanks lol i did like lu meng in 5 but due to the old look and clone weapon i lost intrest
  7. I can see your a Cao Pi fan. I like him, he's ace in DW6 Empires.
  8. no prob m8
  9. Hey, thanks for the add .
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