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    That's a particularly good soundtrack on Blue Dragon.

    I like this one also but for comedy purposes, it suits the part where it's used because there's a bar where there's a dancer and she moves to it.
  2. One-Winged Angel is definitely his most famous piece, I'll try and get hold of some of his Blue Dragon work for you off youtube sometime.
  3. Hi.

    I don't know Nobuo Uematsu's music from Blue Dragon. But I like his music in Final Fantasy, especially One-Winged Angel from FF7, Liberi Fatali from FF8, The Place I'll Return to Someday from FF9 and Hymn of the Faith from FF10. I actually can't remember the other songs.
  4. Nobuo is my favourite soundtrack composer.
    I particularly like his work from Final Fantasy VIII and Blue Dragon.
    How about yourself? What have you heard and what do you like?
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