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  1. You're welcome ^^ Oh yeah, it's great to read you had a great time this day Oh ok, thanks, and hope it's okay with the storm now.
    Thanks, take care you too, see you around~
  2. Yes it was last week, thank for the birthday wish! I am doing good and had a nice birthday with my family. We are about to get hit soon with the storm so I hope your enjoying your time up in the moutain village. Take care and see you later! ^^
  3. Hi Jiahe, so sorry for late, I missed your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^^
    Hope everything is alright for you How are you going ?
    I was away in a mountain village with my family, but I'm not back yet -_- thanks & see you later ++
  4. Hey Qing Long! Long time no see, how are things going? =)
  5. :s Yes, me too, sometimes inspiration don't come quickly, when it isn't the moment >.<
    But don't worry, normally, inspiration will come when it'll be the time, as always
  6. Ah I see, we are pretty much alike when it comes to graphics. Right now, I can't come up with anything new and fresh right now because I want a new signature for KW but I ended up staring at a blank document for 10 minutes not being able to think of anything. Ugh.. I hate going through these dry spells. >.<
  7. It's like you, I also try different styles each time. For my graphics, sometimes it failed, sometimes there's effects unexpected, sometimes it looks fine for a gfx.
    For inspiration, it depend : usually find on the net, it's easy to find nice gfx that can inspire "design" or effects, and for a theme, usually like to find Asian theme, as Chinese signs & backgrounds for DW ^^
  8. Yeah, I try to do different styles each time with my stuff so it's not the same which can get boring afterwhile. I tend to go through these dry spells where I can't come up with anything new and different until I see something that inspires me. How do you come up with your styles? Where do you get the inspiration?
  9. !!! What do you say ?? Your gallery is so awesome, you're the best of us 2 Sis', there's no doubt about it ^^ I'm happy you find some inspiration in my gallery to make such beautiful siggy with your creativity This new SSX & Liu Bei sig is very cute yes :3
    Though you've a point, nobody can do the same art stuff as anyone. Art is unique for everyone
  10. I tried to get inspiration from your gallery which I sorta did with my current signature from KW. I was surprised myself how I was able to wrap SSX's arm around Liu Bei (so cute!) but other then that, I can't make my stuff look as good as your stuff. XD
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