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  1. Oh...I feel sorry that you have failed... =(
    Keep on Moving you will find someone ^^
    And Take care and good luck!
  2. Ah crikey, sounds like a big responsibility, I'm sure you can handle it though if you were nominated as class president, I've left now yes, but I've failed and I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do now, considering going move in with someone I like. =)
  3. Hi there...How you doing??

    Is it the end of your school already???
    Our school year is just getting started *sigh -_-
    And i got elected as Class President...I dnt know what to do Lol
  4. gonna be busy now...Its the start of our school...Darn it -_-"

    By the way...How are you??? Still busy eh...?
  5. Oh im fine but im a little busy and having problems with my family cuz my mom's sisters are fighting...idk y?

    And of course our school is near im gonna be so busy nxt week...

    Take care...
  6. Hello, I'm great thank you!
    Sorry, having a few problems at home.
    How're you doing?
  7. hey...hey...hey...
    It like been a year...

    How is life???
  8. Hi how are you again???Song Xian????? xDDDD
  9. Hi how are you????................Dude???????? xDDDDD
    I logout last time cuz its bedtime already ....
    I forgot to say im from asia....
  10. Feminine>Female>Girl =P (13 yrs old)
    Im gonna go upload a image of myself so you can see me....xDD

    (im kinda boyish since i was young)
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