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  1. Later man. ;3
  2. well got to go now laterz
  3. Oh cool i am going to do it on hard tri uni was a little to easy on normal so i am hoping that this will make me have a hard time on the bosses
  4. I always play on normal on any game I play, unless I find even that hard (Such as with Record of Agarest War)
  5. Yeah but It'll still be as funny at least thats what i heard hoping it wont be too hard

    What difficulty you planning on doing it on ?
  6. Tri uni was a pretty sweet game, but it had numerous flaws, if it's addressed any of them for this then it's gonna be better for sure.
  7. Ha yeah more or less just 2 days left thats why i am hoping it'll be as good as Tri Uni
  8. Been lacking sleep because of your excitement? ;p
  9. Exausted, but exited That Neptunia is on its way
  10. Hello Black Dragon, what's up?
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