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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I'll check it on Monday. Sometimes we cannot announce cause we need to make sure it's from EU and US ones are for ^^
  2. @ Nevfx: I think you mean or meant DW6: Empires. But anyway

    Hey Chin, i really think you should put the reviews by "WonderWallWeb", they gave DW:Strikeforce 8.5/10 and DW: GUNDAM 2 8.6/10, however only on XBOX360 review.
  3. Good good man.

    We'll have treasure thingy soon so people can unlock treasure for their MyKOEI ;3
  4. Chin how could you ally yourself with all 3 kingdoms (Shu + Wu + Wei) and also both England + France if you were living back in those times you would have got executed for treason :P :P :P LOL. Even though in Bladestorm you always swap sides . But anyway whats up?
  5. well thats dumb...who cares its still a koei game dude just add it lol
  6. KOEI hasn't existed in Europe yet when DW2 was happened. It was made by KOEI but published by third party in Europe so...
  7. Chin theres still a problem!!!! why is DYNASTY WARRIORS 2 missing from this site. How could DW game be missing.. I know its over 9 years old but still....we need to make sure ever KOei game is on the site. I wrote this beofre but u must have miissed it with the thousands of messages u get each day. XD XD XD
  8. Hey thanks for the heads up I've fixed the mistake on the date. If you found any more error please lemme knwo thanks
  9. Lol I think it's because it released ages ago, no one knows the date so it sets back to the original one but 1970 is such a funny date!!!
  10. HAHAHA LOL Samurai Warriors on XBOX was released on the 1st of January 1970..what the hell XD
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