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  1. I love Kanda too.
    He is great
  2. They're really great, too bad the first couples images were moved or removed. Love the Kanda drawings.
  3. Oh sorry I thought you meant the album. I'll have a look. :3
  4. Yes, it is!
    My pictures are in the members gallery , by maya bell pic`s
  5. Yes, i love the anime too. :3
    You said you had a gallery with artwork, but i can't see the album. ;P

    By the way is your current avatar from D.Gray-Man? the crosses on her forehead reminds me of the Noah.
  6. you know D. Gray Man??
    I love this Anime
  7. Alright then, thanks. ^^
  8. The character is "Albel Nox" from the game "Star Ocean: till the end of time"
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