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  1. I always play on my Brother`s PS3, we not live in the same house.
    When I get an own one then i tell you
  2. ive been gd lol whats ur ps3 name cause it'll be nice 2 add ya
  3. I`m fine. And you?
    Now I have Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires
  4. hey how r ya? ive been busy so i havent been able to go on this
  5. I`m last for some weeks, don`t you wanna beat me?
  6. lol thats what they say bout me lol being 17 and 6ft7 lol
  7. She is 14 now....
    But she looks older, just like me...
  8. congratulations, how old's he/her?
  9. Im fine. My cousin had birthday today.
  10. well both myself and my hair are gd lol wat about u??
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