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    NP friend.

    Yh i am having that problem 2 XD. all i can get is wallpapers. XD

    I find that when you Get and Play DW6E and you "Create an officer" In "Edit Mode" and you use Lu Bus weapon of choice (cross iron - Pikes) It is a lot more fun then playing as him. i know it sounds weird but it is..... yeah i know weird thing to say....

    Anyway ......... i am off in that ---> OH NO that direction <--- C ya
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    OK oh and u helped me out with ACTUAL HISTORY lol thanks.

    I am now going to help you out
    Hopefully this link should work in china so try;title;7
    that SHOULD work if not try copy and pasting Gamespot have screen shots and videos enjoy
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    OK thank you for all your information you have been great now i know a lot more of DW history. Thanks a lot

    I am now off 2 play DW6E i love that 1 thanks KOEI for getting rid of the Renbu meter that was SO annoying me lol i don't know why though just it kinda was a bit annoying anyway TTYL warriorsorochi1

    And again thanks for the information ... mate
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    Oh nice very um.....Charming. If that is how they treated there wife's then i am lucky i wasn't born back then. That is kinda depressing and very sad. This is how Lu Bu died I THINK
    (Depressed, Lu Bu sought solace with his women and wine. Due to his heavy drinking, he became overweight and slovenly one day he decided to swear off drinking, and this led to his downfall. Imposing a strict no-alcohol rule on his troops, he had one of them, Hou Cheng, beaten for violating this rule. Hou Cheng conspired with two other officers, Wei Xu and Song Xian, to bring Lu Bu down. Hou Cheng stole away Red Hare; then, while Lu Bu was asleep, Song Xian and Wei Xu stole Lu Bu's halberd and tied him up. They surrendered the city and Lu Bu to Cao Cao. Though Lu Bu pleaded for his life, Liu Bei advised Cao Cao against sparing him, and Lu Bu was executed by strangulation.) These games are kinda depressing when you know what REALLY happened to them. lol anyway C ya
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    OMG 45 sons he must have been busy lol XD. That is just mean i know it was WAY BACK in history but to humiliate someone like they did :'( VERY SAD! I think i am with you no. i don't really like him anymore lol i will play as him in the games though just because i LOVE his weapons but nah not much though. Also Lu Bu looks way better in black i think 2.
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    Also i am loving your "Signature pic" Just wondering i have read that (going off subject here but) Did Cao Pi really kill his wife Zhen Ji like in real life because that is kinda sad (in the games they look like such a great couple) like Diao Chan and Lu Bu
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    Yh Lu Bu ROCKS i loved his old weapon but his new weapon now i think just rules. i also loved his old costume but his new one AGAIN i think is soooo cool. loving his Transformation in DWSF he is 1 of my faves (hence the DP) lol XD
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    No problem P.S Diao Chan Rocks
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