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  1. maybe can be added throught a future dlc... with...

    maybe can be added throught a future dlc... with the ultimate ninja difficulty;) i hope....

    a simply gamerpic on the marketlace isn't the same thing...for this
  2. PLEASE, we want a master ninja or ultimate ninja gamerpic (x360)

    Hi, i remember when i've unlocked the master ninja 's gamerpic, the best gamerpic on x360..

    i've just finished NG3 on master ninja and nothing ( achievement, obviously)
    please tecmo koei add a...
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    ken's rage, cassandra chapter bug

    there is a bug at boss fight, you can press B and do the quick time event but uighur doesn't finish his dialogue and the mission doesn't finish,
    i can only move ken( slowly) and there isn't audio...
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