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    Quote Originally Posted by The Great Sun Ce View Post
    well the only way you could replace them is by recreating your prefered scenario on gathering of heroes (if its in dw6e) you could have your custom gongsun zan instead of the lieutenant and the same with the rest of you customs
    that a good idea i never thought of that and its possible with 100 create slots
    you just gave me some good ideas i hope its added to the game.

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    My one hundred characters to create:

    The United Kingdom of the Empire of North Korea and Mongolia:

    (The kingdom was reknown through China as the outside conquerors. The range of the Empire was between BCE 1021 and AD 1214. The rule ended 2235 years after its creation and ended after the 1000th anniversary of the unity of the two countries.)

    1. Suo Nen - The ruler of N. Korea between 171-174. (Sun Cé)
    2. Suo Yuan - The only child of Suo Nen and ruler between 174-256. (Zhou Tai)
    3. Suo Peng - The older brother of Suo Nen and ruler in 164-171. (Wei Yan)
    4. Suo Lang - The younger brother of Suo Nen. (Sun Quan)
    5. Suo Ling - The first son of Suo Peng and rightful heir. (Guan Ping)
    6. Bing Cao - Prime Minister in 174-214. (Cao Ren)
    7. Liang Shan - Prime Minister in 214-264. (Zhuge Liang)
    8. Li Kiren - Guardian of the Prime Ministers. (Zhao Yun)
    9. Zhao Qu - General of the Chariots. (SSX)
    10. Mang Yachang - Ruler of Mongolia in 167-214. (Meng Huo)
    11. Han Shao - Guardian of The Great Wall of China. (Lu Bu)
    12. Shozu Laza - Half-brother of Mang Yachang. (Zhang Liao)

    Kingdom of You:

    (The kingdom was reknown through Western China as true generals led by Han General Tai Yen. The kingdom battled through a rebellion led by Wang Xi and Du Mu. Fao Yei betrayed Du Mu and called Dai Xu and Zin Jiu to back Tai Yen up.)

    13. Tai Yen - Ruler of You from 179-207 (Zhou Yu)
    14. Fa Nen - Younger brother of Fa Nen and husband of Tai Ling. (Zhang Fei)
    15. Tai Ling - Daughter of Tai Yen and wife of Fa Nen. (Yue Ying)
    16. Du Mu - Colonel of You Unit. (Sun Jian)
    17. Wang Xi - Colonel of You Unit. (Cao Cao)
    18. Jia Lin - Officer of the You Unit. (Zhou Yu)
    19. Yun Hao - Officer of the You Unit. (Ma Chao)

    Kingdom of Wu:

    (Led by Sun Jian, they fought through many wars to evade the chaos, initialising in a ruthless success. They fought as one body. With many talented officers such as Lu Xun, the kingdom was good business ending not from defeat but from surrender.)

    20. Gan Hao - Son of Gan Ning and sea roamer. (Gan Ning)
    21. Gan Xiali - Daughter of Gan Ning and Lu Meng's lover. (Yue Ying)

    Unkown Empire:

    (The empire based to the west of Han China was a mountainous region with unknown rulers. The empire became no more than a legend after its days until they struck North Korea from the north. Suo Yuan fought back but made an unlikely alliance.)

    22. The Alchemist - The emperor was known as The Alchemist. (Dong Zhuo)
    23. Tia - The daughter of The Alchemist and wife of Suo Yuan. (Diao Chan)
    24. Prince - The son of The Alchemist and supporter of Suo Yuan against S. Korea. (Cao Pi)
    25. The Primaeval - A beast who scares attackers and settlers away. (Lu Meng)
    26. Crow - The estranged son of The Alchemist. (Zhang Liao)
    27. General - The trainer of The Primaeval and an ex-Wei soldier. (Cao Cao)
    28. Barbarian - The son of General and an ex-Wei soldier. (Xiahou Yuan)
    29. Soldier - A rebel soldier of the Mongolian troops who fled to West China to seek service. (Dong Zhuo)

    That is there from now on.

    Also... just a list of major battles...

    1. Mt. Shinrei - Was between Suo Nen and South Korean soldiers and ended with the death of Suo Nen and Suo Yuan's service to Sun Jian.

    2. Battle of Gaishang - Was between Wang Xi and Tai Yen. Wang Xi and Du Mu rebelled and Fei Yao rushed north to warn Dai Xu and Zin Jiu. It ended in Tai Yen's success and Du Mu's flight west.

    3. Battle of Julu - Was between Wang Xi and Tai Yen. Dai Xu, Zin Jiu and Fei Yao arrived to aid Tai Yen, battling them off. This ended in Dai Xu and Tai Yen's death although losing a few officers under Wang Xi.

    4. Battle of Youkeng - Was between Wang Xi and Tai Ling. Fa Nen forced Yun Hao outwards but Jia Lin prevented Tai Ling from escaping and tied her up, burning the city. Fa Nen, Tai Ling, Zin Jiu and Wang Xi died in the attempt.

    5. Battle of Hansheng - Hearing news of Du Mu's later death, Dai Dai and Fei Yao struck south. Jia Lin fought northerly but failed to gain the advantage. Yun Hao attacked and when Fei Yao's brothers were killed, defeated Dai Dai and Fei Yao.

    6. Yangtze River - Dai Dai and Fei Yao surrounded Jia Lin. As Dai Dai saw the villages break down, he tried to swim to safety for his men but drowned. Fei Yao was shot in the stomach by Yun Hao on the ship but the ship drowned resulting in Jia Lin's death.

    7. Shangan Castle - Suo Yuan attacked around the Wall and attacked Shangan Castle. After months of seige, Suo Yuan conquered the city but Shozu Laza forced them back out agan. They fled away.

    8. The Great Wall - Suo Yuan invaded again and this time with relief forces from Wei, he attacked the wall straight on. Failing in that, Suo Yuan lured the Mongolians from the wall by feasting a banquet after the siege. The starving soldiers surrendered and slaughtered their refusing-to-surrender ex-colleagues. Soldiers from Mongolia marched to the top of the wall. They assassinated soldiers entering but most men defected.

    9. Shouyun Castle - Suo Yuan, glad with his victor, continued attacking. Mongolian soldiers defected as they went along. Mang Yachang attacked out and requested a duel with Li Kiren, scarring him. However, the castle seige continued and he surrendered.
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    Well... . Let's see if I get them all together ^^

    Mhi Hayoli - Wei officier female
    Umi Mari - Free officier (bride for Lu Bu)
    Bao Ery - young Shu Officier (step-sister of Topa Yumi and best friend to Guan Ping)
    Topa Yumi - Shu Strategist (pupil of Zhuge Liang and Pang Tong, older step-sister to Bao Ery)
    Mao Kairi - former bandit hunter - female officier of Wu
    Yi Madori - member of the Yi family - later officier of Wu
    Tao Lie - free officier and later Wei general
    Haotsu Ming - farmer of the kingdom of Han Zhong; becomes Shu Officier
    Haotsu Yoan - son of Ming; later cavalier under Ma Chao
    Sereg Ûr - unknown wandering War-Teacher; trained Tao Lie and Mhi Hayoli; joins Cao Cao
    Vaiaro - former Pirate and master duelist; joins Sun Jian
    Sanar - wise Hermit; joins Liu Bei; becomes vice king

    Well, this are the ones I usually see and use ^^;
    I'm Zhang Liao! Flee now, if you wish to live!

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