proof of how utterly worthless the points are, more than anything.

i really need to get back to playing bladestorm again.

i just have too many things I'm halfway through replaying. something inevitably gets left out for a while.

i never did get the guns or engineers. had great fun with a seige cannon once though. 'borrowed' it before it got in range of the gate it was headed for and used it to shell unit after unit of English troops TRYING to come accross a bridge to kill the french army . they got so mowed

anyone ever make the chariots worth using? so.... useless :S i mean, awesome to drive around in for a while, yeah, but... gah.

wizards were pretty bad too. and, to some extent, annoyed me. i mean, guns, sure. early, but possible. cammels? yeah, it could happen. the whole point is mercenaries after all. elephants? ok That's a stretch. but it'd been done before [Hannibal, anyone?] but, wizards? bah.

i liked kessen 1 quite a lot too. part of what killed 2 for me [far from the ONLY thing. that game had so many problems :S] was the stupidly large amount of additional pointless magic. to some extent forgivable. it is RotTK, after all... but then Kessen 3 is going along all nice and realisticly... then the magic shows up.

what is it with Koei and making nice realistic games then screwing the balance over with magic? i mean, it has it's place, but... I'm pretty sure historical battles aren't really it.

i mean, can anyone see a group of wizards actually being allowed to LIVE long enough to be useful in battle in medieval europe? for More than one battle.

one wizard, maybe. if he was like a court magician or something...

sorry. pet hate. at least in bladestorm they didn't unbalance the game or anything.

also, for easy mode in bladestorm:
use halberds [or whatever the unit is actually called at the time. it varies based on what you arm them with and how good they are, i think]. maybe hire one unit of horses for getting around.

while Anything you focus on enough is going to get very powerful, halberds are somewhat inherently so. gotta be about the only unit i've ever seen take out something it's supposedly WEAK against in one attack. admittedly, it helps that most of the things they're weak against are kinda fragile.

the halberd book is also one of the easiest ones to complete. there's only one unit type. [halberd horses come under the cavalry book, and pikes under long spears.]

focusing on longbows is fun too, mind you. though if you do, good luck collecting on your loot in the final base

also: killing pikes with cavalry is EASY. they form an unsupported line four ranks deep with no flank cover. go around to one side then come back into them from the side or rear. they just die. part of why i never use them, they're too awkward. you'd think they'd get the idea that a square might be better. or actually protecting their flanks, at least... but apparently not. only battle this Doesn't work so well in is that one where the english are all lined up on the hills with the archers doing a number on the french knights.

because the pike men actually support each other, and the archers provide very good covering fire. [i really Should know the name of that battle, but it escapes me.]