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Thread: DW6E Marriages

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    Okay, that's strange, marying SSX with her brother (poor Sun Ce >_< )

    Well, here is my listing :3

    Mhi Hayoli - Nearly every Wei officier married her once; Zhang Liao twice, but only because I don't wanted to marry one of the other Wei officiers xD

    Mao Kairi - married Gan Ning once, Ling Tong once and Sun Jian 4 times :3

    Bao Ery - married only Guan Ping X3

    Yi Madori - married only Lu Xun

    Topa Yumi - married Zhuge Liang 5 times (for that Yue Ying hates her it seems XD ) and two times Pang Tong :3

    Umi Mari - only Lu Bu, because no one could stand against her for three minutes xD

    Ri Imaky (forgot her in the other CAW Thread) - married Guan Yu or Zhang Fei only :3

    Tao Lie - wanted to marry Zhang Liao, but got married (by me) with Xiahou Dun

    Sereg Ûr - only once Mhi Hayoli (what causes all Wei to join forces against me O_O' )

    Vaiaro - never

    Sanar - never

    And when I played as the original Characters than I mostly married the right women/men ^^
    I'm Zhang Liao! Flee now, if you wish to live!

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    I made a brother/sister in the created warriors section and unfortunately, it keeps trying to marry them whenever I'm either. LOL - But most of the time I'm marrying other created warriors, not playable characters in the game itself. I have 17 created warriors to make it a little more interesting throughout the game, facing unexpected warriors instead of the same old, same old.

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