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    before watching the movie do select high quality, you know.. since yt always completely ruins the video quality in normal mode

    Well actually moviefilm cause the other ones are such bad quality i dont bother to upload them. This one however i just uploaded to show (as far as you can differ) my custom characters against more custom characters.

    Its a shame i didnt think of moviefilming the battle before this one, it was so hectic that the boss fight took me 10 minutes due to two of the most powerful cas reapearing joining in. (and BOTH had liu bei moveset ;'l )
    but alas, this battle aint so bad. At least i did some awsem moves on the boss.
    In this movie loveable TTC protagonist lone fights off the cutesy Enn who strangely is aided by the half giant Hel baran (he looks a bit like an archangel without wings really, and he has a beard wich is pretty manly)

    Can lone win or will he be calling in the retreat?
    Maybe his entourage consisting of kunoichi 'nenu', legendary general 'Sahomoke' (changed his original name not to get a double shamoke, and yes thats a coincedence) and the flower prince Sidel... can help him win?

    Or maybe you watching the movie can help him win?


    try it.

    Anyway, possibly will make more movies when i have my new and improved camera next week. ^^

    Greets from my hat, its a mousou hat.
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