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    hey guys, my name is James Adams, I'm the organiser of NemaCon, a Manga/Anime convention planned for the North East in April 2010 as the above post states. What we're trying to do at the moment is decide on a final venue, ticket price and numbers. We're planning between 1000-1500 people at Middlesbrough townhall and I'm trying to find out if people would be happy with a towncentre venue as I know lots of people will be coming in cosplay etc for the two days. It has been raised on another forum that people might be discouraged from attending if they have to walk through the city in their outfits and I'm trying to ascertain how much of an issue this will be and if it will lead to people choosing not to come! Please let me know your thoughts either on here or by private e-mail as this event will only happen with your support! if things go well tickets should start becoming available around the end of September so I need to know how much interest there is in the North for a convention before I go ahead and really start the ball rolling in terms of organisation!

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts from you all,

    James Adams
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