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Thread: Reasons why you like/dislike Strikeforce

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    Default Reasons why you like/dislike Strikeforce

    Ok, so being at two forums of similar direction, I see quite a few differing opinions on the one game, some people like it, and other dont, im fine with that, im just curious to see some of the reasons that people come up with for their view towards this game in particular

    For myself, I really like Strikeforce, it is an interesting change to what the public would usualy expect from the DW game, or even a Koei game (^.^) The gameplay in strikeforce I find is just that one step above that other warriors games, with the AI much better with the supernatural aspect of the game as also a nice touch, but I think could only serve as a fun side-attraction, without taking up the focus of the entire series.

    Dont be afraid to voice your own opinion, its always interesting to see what other fans of the series have to say about this game which quite a fair bit off the regular path

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    Combo system/Combat
    Challenge (apart from when you get far in and you can have certain equips)
    Addictiveness & quick match (you can jump straight in when revisiting the game, there are easy missions)
    High level of items and equipment to keep the concept simple yet expansive.
    The game itself being something new and that works yet needs more work on the upcoming PS3 version.

    Music remixes aren't so good. DW6's original themes are better to me.
    Fury forms don't interest me much.
    Recycled story clips with only a few exclusive to Strikeforce.
    Story could've been better.
    Online play barely touched.

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    Well there are a few reasons i dont like it:

    1- i resent anything psp, reason: its a device made for dwarfs, while i have a giant television for my ps3, why the heck should i want to look to a screen no bigger than another ridiculous device i do not have either (the mobile phone).
    Lately you can see alot of great series previously exclusive to the Playstation 1 2 and 3 have been making games for the psp, and its pissing me off that i cant play them, so cant have a complete experience of the series.
    2- strikeforce takes where warriors orochi left its absurdism and carried it to the top of the mountain of everything holy, destroying the genre with bearded pikachu's, goku's and hippies. NO! said koei, we can make a travesty out of this one! absurdism is not an art! Its just the door to CHOOCHOO LAND WEEEEEEEE!!!!

    so they introduce flying.
    So now you can fly around with a bearded pikachu fighting giant tigerstatues.

    I wonder if DW7 will contain zepellins propelled by monkeys and bears with grenades.

    -It doesnt have jap voices anyway, does it.  062

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    I agree with pretty much everything LDZ said, plus:

    + I really like being able to equip more than one weapon, it makes the whole experience more tactical (due to weapon effectiveness) and a bit funny too (you KNOW you've always wanted Zhang He to have Xiao Qiao's fans!)

    + Costumes! I know they're just palette swaps, but at least there's 4 for each character.

    - You vs The's ok not having to babysit the commander, but it really stinks when there's like 4 transformed & fury armor'd bosses beating you up and you're all by yourself. Fortunately this should be corrected in the PS3 release with AI partners.

    - So let's say I want Dian Wei to use Zhang Fei's spear. Dian Wei starts with 200 Spear, so I equip him the Viper(?) Blade. Then he gets to 300, and...the next spear is generic and has Sun Ce's moveset!!
    Screw that, I'll level up a bit more...and so Dian Wei gets to 500 Spear...and there's another generic weapon with Sun Ce's moveset! By this time, either I give up and equip Dian Wei with Sun Ce's spear for the time being, or I stick with Zhang Fei's spear, which is low-rank and deals low damage. It takes me 600 Spear to finally be able to equip the next weapon! repeat that whole thing for Sima Yi and Cao Cao's sword and you'll know what I dislike about this game's weapons >_>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mousou hat View Post

    I wonder if DW7 will contain zepellins propelled by monkeys and bears with grenades.
    That bit made me laugh

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    Nice topic idea GLP

    LDZ has quite a good list there, so I started with that and modified it some to fit my taste

    Pros (+)
    + Combo system/Combat (as innovative as the WO team system w/ tag combos)
    + Challenge (AI is better in this, not just higher damage like WO Chaos)
    + Addictiveness & quick match (quick, on-the-go missions take far less time than the usual)
    + High level of items and equipment (main & sub weapons, items, skills & orbs ... awesome)
    + The game itself being something new and that works (Samurai Warriors Strikeforce please? )
    + Fury modes (enhanced abilities + the usual musou ... Yes, please!)

    Cons (-)
    - Little consideration given to single players (the extra challenge I can handle, but online-only treasures? ... come on)
    - Story could've been better (see below)
    - Recycled story clips with only a few exclusive to Strikeforce (meh ...)
    - New file required for each story (*facepalm* <_< )
    - Online play (needs Infrastructure online, IMO)
    - Grinding becomes repetitive after awhile (typical for Warrior games)

    Overall, I really enjoy this game. Despite being distracted by WO right now, I have no intention of abandoning this game. The combat system is just too much fun and I have so many more characters to use. For me, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

    However, in typical fashion, KOEI has gone and fixed some of the issues I have with this game in the upcoming console Special port, which I will never have <_< It was a nice little slap in the face to me for buying in early on the 1st edition. It'll be the last time I make that mistake though >.<

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    For me it is by far the best Warriors game. I like the combo system alot and the fact that you can switch between two weapons mid-combo. I also like customisability of the Chi and Orb system.

    To me it feels more of a 'gamers game' than the DW series which for me is more like large-scale fanservice with no real gameplay depth behind it (apart from maybe WO series which is getting more complex now).

    I have to say that I am not really into the RTK storyline or time-period so the faithfulness of the characters or scenarios doesnt matter to at all. I can see how people that like the history and authenticity of the DW series would not like DWSF though.

    My main criticisim of DWSF would be that there is not enough content in there. Needs more cities, enemy types, stage types etc.

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    I just got the game, cause I just got my PS3 so these are my first impressions:

    + Playing co-op online is loads of fun.
    + Game offers a new angle with the RPG elements and weapon choice/building.

    - No local/offline co-op play.
    - There doesn't seem to be much difference between story quests and sub-missions. Personally I would have liked the main missions to be bigger and longer, while the sub-missions shorter.
    - I found the map-fragmentation more suited to the PSP than the PS3. Would have preferred a larger map without barriers.
    - Peons re-spawn may offer a player a way to grind, but I'd rather have a set number of peons on each area and clear them systematically, cause as things stands killing peons seem pointless and I'd seem to go directly to the mission requirement.
    - No mounts (not sure about this) and no create a character (though not that much important).

    Despite the many minuses I like the game, but I feel that if Koei make DWS2 for PS3 they should work more on the minus issues.

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    One of the things I dislike about strikeforce is that the musou button has changed on the PSP version, I prefered how it was on all the dynasty editions.

    See the creative side of MichKat0.

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