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    The first Kessen, one of the few titles available when PS2 reached Europe.
    It is more realistic than the sequels, there's no magic, just normal weapons, it was nice to see that chivarly was faster than the other troops (in kessen 2 there all units moved at the same speed), though it was boring when a unit had to change direction.
    It is pretty easy, all you have to do to win a battle was to not advance and wait for the enemy, then you could easily surround them and defeat them. Still it is interesting the way you could edit the formations or add some kind of troops, or even set ambushes (although i wished to decide by myself where place the units). The pursuit is pretty annoying, luckily it was removed, and duels are too random to enjoy them fully.
    Technically was one of the best games for PS2, it showed what the console could do, and it did it very well.

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    from what i've heard kessen was great
    good to know that you had fun with it

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    personally, i Loved Kessen.

    Kessen 2, however, was a disaster. it had glitches, the story was nonsense... blah.

    one of the BEST things about the original Kessen though, was that loosing a battle wasn't automatically 'game over' like in two. And it didn't kick you back to 'try again' like in three... if you lost a battle, the entire campaign went differently!

    three looked good to start with, but the way the units moved and the magic that showed up a bit further into it really meant it was a Lot more enjoyable if you just ignored the 'Kessen' label and thought of it as an entirely different thing. it also didn't have the epic scale or planning.

    the original Kessen was ALL about the planning and the ordering of special abilities to be used 'now!'. (and if you left them able to, officers would use them themselves if an opportunity presented itself).

    the thing is though, in Kessen, you weren't the man on the ground. you were the General, and you were stuck with that. personally, i found that, combined with the branching plot and the whole 'player directed movie' idea... it worked really, really well. fat horses and silly hats aside

    that said, i liked Bladestorm, too. It could have done without wizards though. They weren't terribly useful and just kinda broke the feel of things. chariots, elephants, and camels, while weird, were at least possible <_<

    i kind of like the idea of a game like Kessen, but when your personal unit gets into a fight, you can take control of the squads in it and command them like bladestorm. (the maps would be smaller, and you'd lose control of the main battle while fighting.)

    but yeah, Kessen Rocks. ... took me Ages to find a copy to buy when i finally got a PS2 of my own though. (I rented it in the meantime )

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