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Thread: Warriors Orochi Empires.

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    It wouldn't have to keep both of the countries structure necessarily. Orochi did warp time and collide two universes together. So it'd make sense if the land was mixed up, for example, Nanman in the north instead of the south. They could make it. I just would hope they don't make the Orochi country bland

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    They could just make it simple: China on one side, Japan on the other. A massive ocean between them. You should be able to have events on one of the areas by the sea saying - take a ship to Japan/China, costs 100 gold per person to travel. Something along those lines. A small island for WO-only battles where Orochi is.

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    I really wish they make this game. I've often thought about this idea long and hard. The story is not really important here. Two big maps of Japan and China with generals thrown in.

    What I'd really like them to do though is buff up the strategy element. Also I'd like the idea of having as many generals as you like and the ability to promote generic officers to real officers and give them a move set.

    I would also like the number of troops each officer has reflected in battle and that it decreases according to each officer's kill. This could be worked out on a ratio. Also it would be nice if each faction progresses according to merit. For example factions that don't do battle will not have the levels of their generals improve.

    In addition to this, there should be a difference between strong and weak generals and the strong generals you have should fight accordingly even when controlled by AI.

    It should also have an online co-op mode.

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