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Thread: Problem with Samurai Wariors 2 patch (v1.1.0.0)

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    Default Problem with Samurai Wariors 2 patch (v1.1.0.0)

    Hi guys , I have a problem with SW2 patch v1.1.0.0 , i downloaded from KOEIs official web site , and I reed that file must have 5.5 MB , but when I click the DOWNLOAD link , file is downloading , but its memory is 5.4 MB . But thats not all . When I enter the patch , setup start , and on finish there is a ERORR , and my patch isnt installed , I dont know what to do :S .

    NOTE : I downloaded same file from other sites and all of that files is 5.4 MB memory.

    Here is picture to help you with my problem :

    can anybody help me ??

    P.S. My english is maybe bad

    Thanks ...
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