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Thread: Your top 5 favorite Koei levels ever?!

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    Default Your top 5 favorite Koei levels ever?!

    Not in order -
    SW1's Osaka Summer Campaign
    Epic and emotional music, in fact the stage relies on mixed emotions. Yukimura loses faith at the start, but gradually his spirit shines and ends with an epic ending. The best ending I've seen in a Warriors KOEI game to date. Yes, he was and is still my favorite Samurai Warriors character, but I try not to let that cloud my vision from what's a fantastic scenario.

    DW3's Hu Lao Gate
    Just down to Lu Bu, really. Wonderful music and is there solely for the challenge.

    DW3's Battle of He Fei
    Great music, great interactable scenes, awesome start to the stage due to the number of officers in the middle duel, and a challenge. This would likely be my number 1 actually.

    DW3's Siege of He Fei
    Great music, mass slaughtering, morale changes throughout and a big challenge. Not forgetting the various traps. DW6's may be awesome indeed, the belt trap is, and the music fitting - but 3's just has the upperhand thanks to the scenes and challenge.

    SW2 Xtreme Legends Okehazama
    An amusing battle due to Yoshimoto's foolishness - he takes a nap! This level is busy (what I like, I like eventful levels more.) It never gets boring listening to Nobunaga and his laughing, taking on Ieyasu and his officers, and in my top 10 favorite KOEI music pieces of all-time, no doubt. And also, killing Yoshimoto is my number 1 hobby.

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    urmm i have many favs not that i know all of theyre names lol but i did like

    DW3`s hu lao gate ( it was the first level i ever played! )

    DW5 every level this game was the best !!!!!!!!!!! lol but seriously i cant remember the name of the level , not very useful i know lol .

    DW6 - well apart from all the levels cause they looked amazing in HD , hu lao gate , fan castle and definatly wu zhang plains cause it was in the night and just somthing about it lol .

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    Not in any order:

    Yellow Turban Rebellion (Dynasty Warriors Three)
    The open-ended map made it seem like you were in an actual war. And running on foot from Point A, to Point B, was just all worth it in it's grandur.

    Kawanakajima (Samurai Warriors One)
    Such an awesome level. The fog effect was absolutely brilliant. That alone caught me off guard. So I was impressed by it.

    Yi Ling (Dynasty Warriors Three)
    The first time I encountered the Stone Sential Maze, I was at awe of it's unique twists and turns design. Truly a work of art it was.

    Mikagatahara (Samurai Warriors Two)
    This was also another awesomely designed level. Playing this level with Kotaro Fuma, Hanzo Hattori, or Nene, was a blast to play. Especially with the ability to double jump making your own shortcuts on that level.

    Hu Lao Gate (Dynasty Warriors Four)
    Just for the sake of not having any other way to get to Dong Zhuo without facing the mighty Lu Bu. The snow effects were well done indeed. It really did seem like that you were fighting in a snowy filled battlefield.

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    Thumbs up

    Okehazama SW1 that was my very first samurai warriors battle so I find it most enjoyable rain and all and the music was good to

    Hu lao gate Dw2 & 6 man it was hard but thats what i find enjoyable about them

    Wu zhang plainsDw6 The music is awesome and very memorable The battle it self it tough depending on which side you do
    Thats all for now
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    I can't remember the details but there was a level in one of the earlier DW games (maybe 3 or 4) in which Yuan Shao attacks Cao Cao. I used to be Dian Wei and had a lot of trouble beating the level. I used to try to defend the castle but could never do it. Then I discovered that all I had to do was cross the river and kill their generals there. But before I discovered this it always felt like a real siege and to this day it remains my fav stage.

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    Mine are as listed:
    DW7 ChiBi as Wu: The music is Epic. It got me so pumped up and ready to pummel some Wei forces.
    DW4 Xu Chang last Shu Mission: I thought this was a really good level. The music was good and the battle between Cao Cao and Liu Bei (I played as Liu Bei on This Misson) was Epic for me.
    DW7 Jin Invasion of Cheng Du: Loved the music, the adrenaline and the AWE of smashing weak soldiers into Dust.
    Last one to me is Wu Zhang Plains all DW games: Love it, one of my most lovable levels. Music is Epic, All of the diolog within the battle is amazing. And Zhuge LIang is just a BAD-ASS

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