In this thread I'd like to list some possible improvements on the "New Officer" system in Samurai Warriors I've been thinking up lately.

Note that, while I did play both SW1 and SW2E, I don't own a Wii and, for that, my knowledge of SW3's CAW system is pretty limited, hence this stuff is mostly based on the fighting system seen on the PS2 games.

First things first, CAW mode needs more styles. More, and more varied.
Sword, Spear and Naginata have been around since SW1, where everyone had a "Charge" moveset. SW2E allows a sword user to have a "Special" moveset if certain conditions are met, but the game gives no indications about it so I consider it more of an easter egg.

The thing is, three movesets alone aren't exactly a lot. Them being of the same type doesn't help.
A basic idea would be to either
a) introduce new weapons for the "Special" and "Normal" movesets, or
b) add "Special" and "Normal" movesets for the existing weapons.

Let's take a look at point a...during the course of the series, some movesets originally belonging to unique characters have been dropped either because the character changed moveset, or because that character was axed altogether.
SW1XL->2 got rid of Goemon, Kunoichi (kind of "replaced" by Nene, but their movesets are substantially different), Yoshimoto (later reintroduced in 2XL), Masamune's dual sticks and some moves used by people now under the "Normal" or "Special" category.
SW2E->XL also got rid of a couple movesets: Katsuie and Kojiro's.
SW2XL->3 removed Musashi, Kojiro and Oichi's kendama, but reintroduced Kunoichi and (hopefully) her old moveset.
To sum it all up there's 7 full movesets (plus various moves from SW1) to pick from, at least three of which are "Normal" (Empires Kojiro, XL Kojiro, Oichi's kendama).
And let's not forget about the SW-style movesets from Orochi, shall we?
That would add Orochi, Yoshitsune, Benkei, Kiyomori, Himiko (?) and Dodomeki (?) for a total of 13-15 movesets (I'm not sure about Himiko's moveset, and Dodomeki was just a poor Kotaro ripoff last time I checked).

Now, let's take a look at point b...compared to adding new weapons altogether, creating new movesets for the same three weapons is less costly: no new 4th weapons to add, no new stances to animate and the possibility to use similar moves for more movesets.
That, and the Sword variants are pretty much already done: I've already mentioned the "Special" variation from Empires, and Kojiro's style from the same game is "Normal" type.
That would leave four movesets to add...really two and two halves if we consider "Special"s are just "Charge"s with one less charge.

Now, on to special (R1) stance. I do not know if this feature was removed in SW3 (and if it was, congrats KOEI for removing one of the better features to differentiate SW from DW) but I'll assume it is still present.

Back in SW2E, as you know, characters with generic movesets could have different R1 moves, some gender specific ("Call lightning" was female-only, "Throw enemy" may have been male-only, but I'm not too sure), most available to everyone.
Of course, whether the player creates a "Special" character or not should determine what kind of R1 moves that character will use--normal, one-level moves to "Normal"s and "Charge"s and three-level moves to "Specials".

Well, these were my two cents (four cents actually, take a look at how long this post is!) and I do hope someone else will contribute their ideas.