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Thread: Your least favorite DW characters?

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    Let's see

    By character alone - Yuan Shao, Zhen Ji, Sima Yi

    By fighting style - Taichi Ci, Wei Yan

    Just because I hate them (don't really know why) - Diao Chan, Dong Zhuo, Meng Huo

    Don't ask me why I hate the las three O_O I really don't know! I just hate them xD
    I'm Zhang Liao! Flee now, if you wish to live!

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    SHU - Zhuge Liang, Pang Tong, Huang Zhong
    WEI - Xu Zhu, Cao Pi, Cao Ren, Sima Yi (except in DW6E when he had the gloves)
    WU - Xiao Qiao, Huang Gai, Zhou Yu (except for DW6E when he had the staff)
    OTHER - Yuan Shao, Zhang Jiao

    Obviously, I'm not a fan of slow characters, ones with fans or ones with mystic staffs. I personally thought the movesets for Cao Pi and Zhou Yu could've been better, especially with Cao Pi since his double edged blade was fairly unique. Xiao Qiao's dives and leaps get me into trouble often when it misses or is blocked. Yuan Shao never seems to have any range added on regardless of Wind Seals, Wind Scrolls or RANGE added on, even in WO2. Frustrating.

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