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Thread: Zhen ji

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    Talking Zhen ji

    Write every thing you like and hate about zhen ji,IN DW6 i Love her her whip and Cao pi's Sword they make the perfect killing couple. She is the best looking as well..........

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    Zomg Lu Bu Avatar and saying Zhen Ji's the best looking? >:3.. Haha xD..
    Thought shes a nice character Diao Chan wins it for me.
    Prefere her storyline / Attitude ^^

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    Zhen Ji is probably one, if not THE favorite female character to use for me. Not happy with the whip change, although it was somewhat downplayed for me since Diao Chan had the same weapon and exact same moveset. Glad the Flute came back even though the range and charge attacks aren't as good as the whips. Only problem I have is that she's Cao Pi's wife and I don't like using that guy at all really.

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